Amiryal Arjmand
امیریل ارجمند

Amiryal Arjmand (امیریل ارجمند)
  • Editor
  • Actor
  • Music
Amiryal Arjmand (امیریل ارجمند) Movies | Bio & Filmography | IMVBox has been a Music Composer in the following movies: Lady of the City, Butcher Angels, Without Permission, Borderless and Minoo Perfume. An Actor in the following movies: Without Permission, Saturday's Hunter, Self Hitting, Self Hitting, My Father's Love Story and moreAn Actor in the following TV series: Guardiola's Father (2023), Gando (2019), Joking With Celebrities (2013), The Enigma of the King (2015) and Tabriz i ...n Fog (2011).