Khosro Masoumi
خسرو معصومی

Khosro Masoumi (خسرو معصومی)
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Editor
  • Actor
  • Writer
Khosro Masoumi ( خسرو معصومی ) is an Iranian film director known for Taboo, The Bear, Pare Parvaz, Tradition of Lover Killing, Delbakhteh. Khosro Masoumi has been a Writer in some movies:
Reversed Visitor is about that The southern fisherman lives with his wife and child in a secluded corner of the grove. The counter-revolutionaries of the region have decided with the cooperation of the Iraqi forces a... In this film Khosro Masoumi collaborates with Mahbubeh Bayat, ... Parvin Soleymani, Morteza Poursamadi, Iraj Golafshan, Farrokh Nemati, Babak Bayat, Akbar Zanjanpoor, Ali Mahzoun, Hamid Delshakib, Mahmood Nazaralian, Yadollah No-asri
The Bear is about that During the Iran-Iraq war, Noor Aldin who is a carpenter is missing. He is captured by the Iraqi army. After 8 years he returns home but finds out that in his absence his wife is married to another man. In this film Khosro Masoumi collaborates with Farhad Aslani, Kazem Hajir Azad, Parviz Parastui, Maedeh Tahmasebi, Akbar Moazezi, Alireza Oosivand, Nasser Aghayi, Sadreddin Hejazi, Merila Zarei, Javad Norooz Beigi, Mohammad Reza Delpak, Hassan Hassandoust, Peyman Yazdanian, Abolfazl Shah Karam, Ali Mohammad Ghassemi, Ahmad Salehi, Mohammad Reza Ghomi, Houman Masoumi, Mohammad Asgari, Naghi Seif Jamali, Mitra Tabrizi, Setayesh Mahmoudi, Khosro Jalali
Khosro Masoumi has been a Director in some movies:
The Dirty Job is about that To fulfil his immigration, Farhad decides to go to Turkey. There, he encounters many problems, as a result of which, not only his immigration, but also his return to Iran becomes indefinite. In this film Khosro Masoumi collaborates with Shahrokh Foroutanian, Akbar Moazezi, Reza Fayyazi, Kamran Foyoozat, Mehrdad Falahatgar, Simon Baghdasarian, Behrouz Shahamat, Nader Masoumi, Hossein Alizadeh, Hossein Zandbaf, Houman Masoumi, Khayam Vaghar, Pedram Sharifi, Levon Haftvan, Mehran Nael, Elham Nami‌, Masoud Forutan, Sam Valipour, Siamak Niazi, Payam Ahmadi Nia, Mehdi Jamshidi, Vahid Habibian
Khosro Masoumi has been a Editor in some movies:
Finally is about that After a terrible car accident on a mountain road, a young man enduring military service, meets a driver, and they both share a journey together. Throughout the short film, the viewer is positioned with the two men as though we are accompanying them, and experiencing their car journey alongside them. Various phone calls and mishaps derail their journey along the way, but what awaits them is a tragedy that they could have never foreseen. In this film Khosro Masoumi collaborates with Hamidreza Ghotbi
Khosro Masoumi has been a Actor in some movies:
Gohar Kheirandish a Filmography is about that Gohar Kheirandish, is an Iranian actress. While studying and working in Tehran, she started working in television. Her first film was " Days of waiting " directed by by Asghar Hashemi. She appeared in "Lady" by Dariush Mehrjouei. She has been acting in more than one hundred tv serials, feature films and also theater. In this film Khosro Masoumi collaborates with Abolfazl Poor Arab, Akbar Abdi, Ali Nasirian, Amin Hayaei, Atila Pesyani, Bahareh Rahnama, Bahram Radan, Behnoosh Bakhtiari, Bita Farahi, Ezzatolah Entezami, Hossein Panahi, Iraj Tahmasb, Jamshid Mashayekhi, Katayoon Riahi, Khosrow Shakibai, Leila Hatami, Mahnaz Afshar, Mitra Hajjar, Negar Foroozandeh, Niki Karimi, Pantea Bahram, Parsa Pirouzfar, Reza Attaran, Reza Kianian, Shabnam Moghadami, Shahab Hosseini, Rambod Javan, Amir Jafari, Mehran Modiri, Ferdous Kaviani, Mani Haghighi, Hengameh Ghaziani, Hassan Shokoohi, Shohreh Lorestani, Hassan Rezaei, Gohar Kheirandish, Niloofar Khoshkholgh, Mohsen Ghazi Moradi, Mohammad Reza Sharifinia, Hamid Farrokhnejad, Mehdi Saki, Jamshid Hashempour, Jamshid Esmailkhani, Sima Tirandaz, Kamand Amir Soleymani, Fatemeh Goudarzi, Mahmoud Kalari, Ebrahim Hatamikia, Alireza Khamse, Dariush Mehrjui, Amir Aghaei, Afshin Hashemi, Bahman Farmanara, Hassan Fathi, Kamal Tabrizi, Kianoush Ayari, Kiumars Pourahmad, Masoud Jafari Jozani, Tahmineh Milani, Asghar Farhadi, Mehdi Fakhimzadeh, Mohammad Hossein Latifi, Sirous Alvand, Abolhassan Davoodi, Jamal Sadatian, Saeed Nikpour, Behrooz Afkhami, Reza Babak, Abdollah Eskandari, Touraj Mansouri, Alireza Zarrindast, Kazem Rast Goftar, Hashem Attar, Bijan Birang, Majid Entezami, Shahram Ghaedi, Mahmoud Pakniat, Asghar Hashemi, Hossein Abedini, Rahim Noroozi, Mahmoud Azizi, Behzad Abdi, Mahin Navidi, Mohammad Ali Keshavarz, Saeed Amir Soleimani, Alireza Alavian, Jafar Alian, Sina Kermanizadeh, Amiryal Arjmand, Ehsan Vaseghi, Azadeh Esmaeilkhani, Naser Hashemi, Sahand Mehdizadeh, Akbar Rahmati, Alireza Ghaderi Aghdam, Hurie Mirmohammadi, Siavash Kheirabi, Yousef Yousef Pashandi, Mohammad Reza Varzi, Tabassom Heidari, Mehrdad Mohammadi, Pardis Mozayyan Esfahani, Reza Dorostkar, Simon Simonian, Siavash Nikaeen, Shirin Fashandi, Sona Pouya, Laal Goudarzi, Mohsen Vahid Parshad, Pooria Heydari Ooreh
Khosro Masoumi has been a Producer in some movies:
The Lead Era is about that Janbarar makes a living selling charcoals. When his wife spends her final months of pregnancy, Naneh Khatoun (the midwife of the village) suggests he should take her to the city. He borrows his uncle's, Babgholi, horse and takes her to the city. After they arrive in the city, an Indian doctor tells Janbarar that his wife should have a caesarean delivery as soon as possible. Janbarar tells the doctor that he can’t afford that so the doctor decides not to charge anything, but he still needs some money to pay the infirmary, so he sells the horse he had borrowed and figures he can give back his uncle his own cow instead, not knowing that the cow was eaten by a bear in the jungle that morning. His life gets turned upside down and after he refuses to be a wood smuggler, he leaves his homeland to become a road keeper. In this film Khosro Masoumi collaborates with Siamak Atlasi, Sirous Gorjestani, Parviz Shahinkhou, Kamran Shirdel, Shahrzad Pouya, Babak Bayat, Mahshid Afshar Zadeh, Hamid Najafirad, Hossein Mahjoob, Mehraneh Mahin-Torabi, Mohammad Reza Ghomi, Farhang Moayyeri, Abbas Nazeri Nik, Maliheh Nazari, Mehdi Shakiba, Ahmadreza Asadi, Ataollah Zahed, Nima Javan, Abbas Maroufi
In Love is about that Aynaz, the daughter of Atlan, has seven suitors. Atlan announces that every single one of them can marry her if he manages to win her red scarf in a horse race. Taymaz, a suitor who loves her the most, wins the race. Ariachi, Aynaz's nephew, becomes jelous of Taymaz and finally shoots him at the night of his wedding. In the meantime, government agents are trying to divide and take away the lands belonging to Turkmens by spreading rumors about Taymaz killing Atlan's uncle. Atlan then loses his heat and turns to kill Taymaz, but he realizes that he was deceived. Agents who couldn't make their plan work, attack Turkmens and slaughter many of them and burn their tents. We will witness Taymaz going to the city to avenge the death of the Turkmens by killing anyone involved in the slaughter. In this film Khosro Masoumi collaborates with Anahita Nemati, Sam Derakhshani, Siamak Atlasi, Firouz Behjat-Mohamadi, Fariborz Arabnia, Gholamreza Azadi, Bahram Dehghan, Jalal Moayerian, Ahmad Salehi, Houshang Mansour Khaki, Amrollah Saberi, Rafi Madadkar, Abbas Nazeri Nik, Akbar Esfahani, Ghaffar Rezaei, Manouchehr Azar, Naser Shokraei
Other films are:
Wings to Fly, Taboo, Wind Blows in the Meadow, Somewhere Faraway, Mr. Demarche, The Encounter, Night Trip, Tradition of Lover Killing, Cafe Type
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