About IMVBox

Yeki Bood, Yeki Nabood…

A long time ago, in a place lost to the annals of history, there existed a group of like-minded individuals. They were passionate and proud of the cinema of Iran, and their dream was to share this passion with the world. They had a vision of enriching the lives of those eager to learn more about Persian culture, dispelling myths, and revealing the true nature of contemporary Iranian life in all its intricate complexity. They would do this by creating the first streamlined, socially connected distribution platform for Iranian films in history! There was just one problem. This service did not yet exist.


And so was born IMVBox, the premier streaming service for Iranian movies with Subtitles (English, Arabic, German, +20 Languages) outside of Iran. Word quickly spread, and soon it became a household name, with thousands of members. Working closely with the Iranian Film Industry, IMVBox gained more and more press coverage, branching out onto YouTube and Facebook to promote its services. Efforts to combat Internet piracy have been well-received, and IMVBox has received glowing endorsements from some of the biggest names in the Iranian film industry, including acclaimed filmmaker Jafar Panahi and actors Ali Mosaffa and Leila Hatami.

Now, after years of carefully cultivated partnerships, we are looking to the future with high hopes – hopes of expanding our selection of content and streamlining our services so that you can enjoy award winning Iranian films whenever you want, however you want! We will be posting regular updates, including details about new releases, as well as the latest news and reviews from our dedicated writing team. So come, sit with us a while, and enjoy the delightful benefits this service has to offer, all at the click of a button.


Our Mission

Middle Eastern cinema is more than an entertainment medium – it is a door to a hidden world, a world full of breathtaking landscapes, beautiful stories, and fascinating realms seldom explored. Of course, all doors need a key, and IMVBox is just that – a key. Through the IMVBox portal, we hope to unlock the spellbinding, often misunderstood, complexities of Iran's proud culture, and raise awareness about the realities of life in the Middle East. We collaborate with the top educational institutions around the world to enlighten students about Persian society, and count the universities of Oxford, St Andrews, and Edinburgh among our associates. Together, we work to create awareness of the richness and diversity of our proud Iranian culture. We have also partnered with such film festival organizations as Middle East Now, UK International Film Festival, and London City Documentary Festival, where we showcase the best films from Iranian artists.  


Our Ethos

We are proud of Iranian cinema and want to help support filmmakers and combat piracy in all its forms. All our content is DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) protected in order to ensure that movies remain the intellectual property of directors and distributors and allow future generations to experience the best of Iranian cinema.


Get Involved

How can YOU join our mission? Sign up today and gain instant access to thousands of the best movies. Spread the word and let us know the movies YOU would like to see. We also hold various partnerships with organisations across the globe. If you would like to hear more about how you can work with us, get in touch at support@imvbox.com. Stay connected, stay watching and stay right here on IMVBox.com - A whole new world of movies at your fingertips.