Khosrow Shakibai
خسرو شکیبایی

Khosrow Shakibai (خسرو شکیبایی)
  • Actor
Born March 27, 1944
Born on 27 March 1944 in Tehran, Khosrow Shakibai ( خسرو شکیبایی ) began his stage career in 1963 after graduating from the Acting faculty at the University of Tehran. With the title role in Dariush Mehrjui's 'Hamoun', he earned his nation's love and praise. Khosrow also recorded his readings of Persian poetry, and was striving to raise the status of performing arts in Iran in the 1980s. Shakibai was awarded the Crystal Phoenix for Ahmad-Reza's film The Philosopher's Stone (Kimia, 199 ...4). Khosrow Shakibai died in Tehran on 18 July 2008 from liver cancer.