Yousef Teymouri
یوسف تیموری

Yousef Teymouri (یوسف تیموری)
  • Actor
Born December 27, 1979
Yousef Teymouri ( یوسف تیموری ), Teymouri, Yousef (born December 27, 1979, Tehran) Graduated from IRIB Arts High School, Yousef Teymouri holds an Associate’s degree in Arts. He started his acting career in theater in 1994, with art masters such as Hamid Samandarian, who also trained him. His debut TV series was 'Fresh Air' (1996) by Mohammad Rahmanian, though it was his role in the drama 'Apple for Laughs' (1998) that made him a household name. Teymouri has taken parts a number of movies, including 'The Pastry Girl' (2001), 'Boutique' (2003), 'The Distinguished Suitor' (2006), 'Crazy for Leili' (2007) and 'The Mouse' (2008). He has also appeared in several TV series, such as 'Under the City Sky' (2003), 'Aqaqiya Alley' (2004), 'The Residential Base' (2007), 'What Goes Around, Comes Around' (2011), 'Rooster' (2013), 'Relatively Bad Guys' (2014) and 'Ahmeen' (2014). The Iranian actor has also taken part in made-for-TV films such as 'Eight' (2009) and 'On My Father's Soul' (2010). Besides acting, his activities also include scenic design.
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