Majid Vasheghani
مجید واشقانی

Majid Vasheghani (مجید واشقانی)
  • Actor
Born May 27, 1980
Vasheqani, Majid (born May 27, 1980, Tehran) Majid Vasheqani is a graduate of metallurgy. He started his acting career in television by playing in the series ‘Detour’ (2011). The Iranian artist has performed in a few series, such as ‘Under the Vestibule’ (2010), ‘Matador’ (2012), ‘A Beautiful Revolution’ (2014) and ‘Michael’ (2015). Moreover, he has acted in the a few movies, including ‘The Passion of Love’ (2000), ‘Ungrateful’ (2009) and ‘Madness’ (2014).