Ali Saadeghi
علی صادقی

Ali Saadeghi (علی صادقی)
  • Producer
  • Cinematographer
  • Photographer
Ali Saadeghi (علی صادقی) Bio & Filmography | IMVBox has been a Cinematographer in the following movies: Checkmate (2008), Invitation to Dinner (2003), Eagles' Nest (1999), Incident in Kandovan (1996), The Trap (1995) and more. A Photographer in the following movies: The Courtship (1989), The Night Traveller (1981) and The Barbed Wire (1981). A Producer in the following movies: Don't Think Badly (2010), Sogand (2008), Jamil (1988) and The Great Scuffle (1985). An Actor in the following ... TV series: Iranian Dinner (2011).
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