Ladan Tabatabaei
لادن طباطبایی

Ladan Tabatabaei (لادن طباطبایی)
  • Actor
Born January 01, 1970
Tabatabaee, Ladan (born April 29, 1970, Tehran) Ladan Tabatabaee studied puppetry at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran. She attended filmmaking workshops under the supervision of director Fereydoun Jeyrani. The actress began her artistic journey with puppet theatre and puppetry before appearing on the theater stage. She directed and wrote the play 'Leila without Majnun' in which she also played. The play earned her an award at Kowsar Theatre Festival. Tabatabaee also wo ...n the Best Actress Award at the 12th Fajr International Theatre Festival for her performance in the play 'Surena and Luke’s Mother'. Her role in the TV series 'The Hidden Half of the Moon' (1994) gained her fame. Ladan's movie debut was 'Strange Sisters' (1995). In 2000, she directed a 24-minute short film named 'Warp and woof'. She has appeared in several movies such as ' The Fifth Reaction' (2002), 'The Verdict' (2004), 'Marriage Iranian Style' (2004), 'Women Are Angels' (2007), 'Waiting' (2010), 'I'm Her Spouse' (2011) and 'The Professional' (2011). Tabatabaee has also taken part in various TV series, including 'A Place of Love' (1996-2002), 'Asleep and Awake' (2001), 'Factor 8' (2008), 'Making a Scene' (2010) and 'The Hidden Secret' (2012). In 2012, in the TV show 'Seven' she announced that she plans to quit television and cinema acting.