Parastoo Salehi
پرستو صالحی

Parastoo Salehi (پرستو صالحی)
  • Actor
Born October 31, 1977
Salehi, Parastou (AKA Elham Salehi: born October 31, 1977, Tehran) Parastoo Salehi left her studies in Theatre unfinished. In 1996, she began her acting career in theatre She played her first long role in the TV series ‘The Trial’ (1998), directed by Hassan Hedayat. Her appearance in the TV series ‘Under the City Sky’ (2001) made her a household name. Salehi has appeared in movies, including ‘Her Eyes’ (1999), ‘Objection’ (1999) and ‘Classmate’ (2001). She ha ...s also taken part in TV series such as ‘Passion for the Years of War’ (2001), ‘The Way of Infatuation’ (2004), ‘My Dad’s Inheritance’ (2005) and ‘Life Again’ (2010).