Mohsen Tanabandeh
محسن تنابنده

Mohsen Tanabandeh (محسن تنابنده)
  • Director
  • Actor
  • Writer
Born April 15, 1975
Mohsen Tanabandeh ( محسن تنابنده ) born in 1975, is an Iranian actor and writer. Mohsen Tanabandeh received a Crystal Simorgh for his performance in Esteshhadi Baraye Khoda/ A Testimony for God (2008) and another one for his role in Sang e Val/ First Stone (2009) at Fajr Film Festival, Tehran in 2008 and 2009. Mohsen Tanabandeh also won the Best Actor award at the 2008 Gol Agha Comedy Film Festival. His film credits also include Saman Salur's award-winning feature film A Few Kilos of ... Dates for a Funeral (2006), A Time to Love (2008), Saint-Petersburg (2010), Seven Minutes to Autumn (2010), Nadarha (2011), Lamp 100 (Haula) (2014), Muhammad (2015), Iran Burger (2015). He also starred as 'Naghi Mamouli' in the 'Capital Part' ('Paytakht') series. Aside from starring in movies and TV series, Mohsen Tanabandeh has also written screenplays for several films and TV shows.
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