Alireza Khamse
علیرضا خمسه

Alireza Khamse (علیرضا خمسه)
  • Actor
  • Writer
Alireza Khamse ( علیرضا خمسه ) is an actor who was born on the 29 January, 1953. He studied Psychology at the University of Vincennes in Paris, but went on to pursue a successful career in acting. Alireza Khamse is known for winning best actor in a supporting role for 'Bist' (2009) at the Fajr Film Festival and for his participation in 'Boo-ye khosh-e zendegi' (1994) and 'Mehrie Bibi' (1995). Alireza Khamse was nominated for Two and a Half and Evil Eye at the Fajr Film Festival