Mahnaz Afshar
مهناز افشار

Mahnaz Afshar (مهناز افشار)
  • Actor
Born June 11, 1977
Mahnaz Afshar ( مهناز افشار ) was born on 11 June 1977 in Tehran. Having studied video editing, Mahnaz Afshar participated in an assembly of training materials for Ketabe Avval directed by Dariush Mehrjui. Her first official appearance as a film actress was in a work called Shoure Eshgh. Having gained substantial fame, she later appeared in such films as Atashbas and Salade Fasl. Mahnaz Afshar also acted in a TV series Gomshodeh by Mr. Masud Navaii, and a movie called Doostam directed Mr. Abdollah Eskandari.