Kiumars Pourahmad
کیومرث پوراحمد

Kiumars Pourahmad

کیومرث پوراحمد
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Editor
  • Actor
  • Writer
  • Costume Designer
  • Set Designer
Born December 16, 1949
Kiumars Pourahmad (کیومرث پوراحمد) is an Iranian filmmaker, screenwriter, film editor and film producer. He was born in 1949 in Nadjaf Abad. Kiumars Pourahmad began his career as a film critic and assistant director in a TV series in the early 1970s and made his directorial debut, "Tatureh", in 1983 following a series of short films. Problems associated with children and young adults are the central characters in most of his films. Kiumars Pourahmad has also published his autobiogra ...phy, "Unfinished Childhood".