Ali Nasirian
علی نصیریان

Ali Nasirian (علی نصیریان)
  • Actor
  • Writer
Born February 04, 1935
Ali Nassirian ( علی نصیریان ) made his first appearance in film in a supporting role in Dariush Mehrjui's The Cow (1969). Nassirian then shined in the title role of Mr. Nave (1970), another film by Mehrjui. His other memorable films include: The Postman (1971), The Cycle (1974), The Mandrake (1975), Kamalolmolk (1983), Mirza Norouz's Shoes (1985), Stony Lion (1986), Captain Khorshid (1987), and The Scent of Joseph's Shirt (1995). Ali Nassirian has recently played the lead role in the a ...nti-Semitic film The Saturday Hunter (2011).