Vishka Asayesh
ویشکا آسایش

Vishka Asayesh (ویشکا آسایش)
  • Actor
  • Costume Designer
  • Set Designer
Born November 07, 1972
Asayesh, Vishka (born November 7, 1972, Tehran) Vishka Asayesh has a university degree in Scenic Design from London University, the UK. She became a household name after appearing in historical TV series ‘Imam Ali (PBUH)’ in 1992. She has appeared in ‘Love + 2’ (1998), ‘The Visitor of Rey’ (2000), ‘Ice Flower’ (2004), ‘No Men Allowed’ (2010), ‘Snow on the Pines’ (2011), ‘Thirteen’ (2013), ‘I am Diego Maradona’ (2014), ‘Sperm Whale’ (2015). Her appearance ‘No Men Allowed’ (2010) won a Fajr International Film Festival Crystal Simorgh for Best Actress in a Leading Role in 2011.