Enayat Bakhshi
عنایت بخشی

Enayat Bakhshi (عنایت بخشی)
  • Actor
Enayat Bakhshi ( عنایت بخشی ) is a Veteran Iranian actor was born in Taleghan, a city west of Tehran. He launched his acting career in 1959 with the National Group of Art led by Abbas Javanmard. After two years with the group, he joined the Air Force. While in the Army, he attended several electronics and English courses and later began teaching the same topics. Throughout his years of service, he never gave up acting and appeared in several movies. After 10 years, he retired from the A ...ir Force and joined the Department of Theatre to pursue professional acting. Bakhshi has been seen in many prominent and memorable movies and series including Principles of Persuasion, The Visitor of Rey, Mokhtarnameh, The Passengers and Mirza Khuchak Khan.