Youra Yousefi
یورا یوسفی

Youra Yousefi (یورا یوسفی)
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Youra Yousefi has been a Sound in some movies:
Cheetah is about that Senator leaves the country for a treatment but he cannot return because of the revolution. His driver knows about the issue and finds the hideout of Senator's expensive jewelry called The Leopard, so he steals it and tries to leave the country. The police who were investigating the robbery from the beginning, pursue the thieves and finally make them arrested. In this film Youra Yousefi collaborates with Majid Mozaffari, ... Jamshid Hashempour, Enayat Bakhshi, Paridokht Eghbalpour, Samuel Khachikian, Naser Gitijah, Reza Ashtiani, Reza Rooygari, Naser Shamloo, Hassan Norouzi, Zahra Broomand, Abbas Nazeri Nik, Parviz Shokri, Mohammad Taghi Sharifi, Abbas Mokhtari, Mirza Goodarzi, Ezzatollah Ramezanifar, Hassan Mohamadi, Ali Asadi, Maliheh Nasiri, Mohammad Varshochi, Hamdollah Abedi, Mohammad Ghazi, Reza Mohammadyari, Khosro Yazdani, Ahmad Miri, Advin Khachikian, Ali Mahmoodi, Reza Vosooghi, Ali Akbar Ilkhani
Temptation is about that Following a robbery, Parviz and Nasser carry a bag full of jewelry into Tehran, where the police suspect them. Whilst running away from the police, they decide to bury the bag in a half built construction, and after doing so they get caught by the police and get sentenced to two years in prison. Jalal, a man who owns a bike shop near the construction, has a newly-wed son, who has been living in one of the recently built houses of the neighborhood with his wife. Jalal is living in peace, until Parviz and Nasser are released from the prison and start their search for the buried bag, but all the houses in the neighborhood are now finished and have people living in them, so they are faced with a challenge. They try to talk Jalal into helping them find the bag by offering him a fair share of the stolen jewelry. Jalal’s wife tries to talk some sense into him. While it seems like Jalal is persuaded to help the robbers in their search and everything has failed from stopping him, an incident happens which makes Jalal rethink his decisions. In this film Youra Yousefi collaborates with Niki Karimi, Esmaeel Khalaj, Manouchehr Hamedi, Dariush Ayari, Jamshid Heydari, Reza Rooygari, Soroush Khalili, Vali Shirandami, Ali Sabet, Mahmoud Ebrahimzadeh, Roohollah Mofidi, Mohammad Khosravi, Ahmad Kazemi, Adel Ghaderi, Atena Ghanatabadi, Hassanali Kamran, Mohsen Miramini, Pouran Naderi, Reza Nafari, Fakhri Pazouki, Milad Kiani
The Black Path is about that Amir Asad Khan intends to save his two sons, Fereydoun and Farrokh, who are drug addicts. He locks them up in a room so that they are forced to quit their addiction. However, those two get the drugs any way. At the night of Farrokh’s wedding, he kills his wife, Forugh, who’s always been suspicious of him, and then commits suicide. In this film Youra Yousefi collaborates with Ahoo Kheradmand, Jamshid Layegh, Enayat Bakhshi, Mir Salah Hosseini, Nemat Haghighi, Mousa Afshar, Kazem Baloochi, Farhang Moayyeri, Reza Zhian, Ali Bagheri, Iraj Sarbaz, Mahmoud Ostad Mohammad, Khosrow Amir Sadeghi, Abdolreza Saatchi Fard, Nahid Zafar, Mansour Tehrani, Jalil Farjad‌, Asghar Zamani, Koopal Meshkat, Soroor Rajai, Yamin Ilkhani
Punishment Night is about that An interrogator, named Ehsanifar, feigns a murder as a suicide. The killed person's family breaks up; however, Ehsanifar gets promoted and becomes the judge. After that, Ehsanifar cannot get rid of a nighmare, which is the result of his lie... One day morning, the judge is forced to get out of his home, then in an artificial accident, he gets killed. Once again the story is repeated and a file of a murder is closed, as if it was an incidental event. In this film Youra Yousefi collaborates with Afsar Asadi, Atash Taghipour, Reza Banafshekhah, Abbas Nozari, Babak Bayat, Mostafa Tari, Kazem Baloochi, Hossein Ghaempanah, Fariba Motekhases, Nemat Afsharian, Rahim Shah Morad Khani, Jalil Farjad‌, Roohollah Mofidi, Faramarz Basseri, Kaveh Ghadakchian, Ali Asghar Mobarhani, Mahmoud Ghanbari, Aliasghar Mehrjui, Manzar Lashgari
The Green Rock is about that Ahmad is assigned to discover the conspiracy to poison the drinking water of the war zones in Kurdistan and arrest the culprits... In this film Youra Yousefi collaborates with Mohsen Zehtab, Rahim Arabamini, Manoochehr Oliaei, Saeed Shahram, Gholamreza Jahanmehr, Esfandiar Shahidi, Mostafa Majidi, Mohammad Taghi Sharifi, Reza Agharabi, Mirza Goodarzi, Taghi Javadi, Hossein Khani Beyk, Abbas Naseri, Safar Ajali, Khadijeh Alipoor
Omid is about that Dr. Omid has fallen for a girl who hasn't told him about her past and the fact that she's grown up in an orphanage. The orphanage's leader tries to convince her to tell her partner the truth, to be at peace with her past. Later, we find out that she is Omid's mother., Omid is devastated and the girl runs away but fnally , they do get married and live happily ever after. In this film Youra Yousefi collaborates with Nasrin Moghanloo, Ali Mosaffa, Farid Mostafavi, Touraj Mansouri, Samad Tavazoi, Farhad Mohabbat, Mohammad Aligholizadeh, Sima Rahmanipour, Habib Kavosh, Soosan Salimi, Mehran Rouhani, Mehrdad Bakhtiari, Ali Rahimian, Katayoon Sayyaf, Gholamreza Nami, Saeed Deliri, Faranak Arastehjoo
Contracts is about that A young man who is the only survivor of a village in the south of Iran where is attacked by the enemy during the Iran-Iraq war, comes up with a plan to deal a fatal blow to the enemy. The villagers are all martyred by the Iraqi troops and this urges the only survivor to retaliate on the enemy by attacking the Iraqis and taking them as hostages. In this film Youra Yousefi collaborates with Jafar Dehghan, Mohammad Bagher Ashtiani, Manoochehr Haghani Parast, Ali Asghar Shadravan, Ataollah Salmanian, Tajbakhsh Fanaeian, Samad Tavazoi, Habibollah Rajabali, Mahmoud Norooz, Farid Koshan Fallah, Akbar Mansoor Fallah, Seyed Abbas Mousavi, Hessameldin Saraj
Other films are:
The Consignment, Conflict, The Great Scuffle, The Crabs Attack, Flowers and Bullets, Flag Bearer, The Finish Line, My Love, My Town, My Daughter Sahar, Meeting in Istanbul, The Golden Village, Dear Wednesday, Shooting Star, The Strange Journey, Athar's Syllabus, Aziz Gherghi, Uncle Yadegar, Mr. Lor Goes to the City, The Second Way, Exposed, Mr. Shadi's Mission, Blade and Silk, Companions, Escape, Honeymoon, Love Nest, Shaghayegh, Beside the Ponds
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