Esmaeel Khalaj
اسماعیل خلج

Esmaeel Khalaj (اسماعیل خلج)
  • Director
  • Actor
  • Writer
Born in 1936 in Astara, Esmaeel Khalaj ( اسماعیل خلج ) is a Persian playwright, film and television writer, director and actor, most renowned for his plays Pimp (1971), Friday Killing (1973) and Shabat (1977) and his roles in the films Modest Reception (2012) and Scandal (2013). Moving to Tehran, he learned his trade studying under acting teaching maestro Abdolhossein Nooshin in Tehran and began writing plays in the early 70s. Khalaj's works are celebrated for their realism cynical out ...look and use of harsh language, often focusing on marginalised characters such as thieves, prostitutes, pimps and illiterate people.