Mansour Tehrani
منصور تهرانی

Mansour Tehrani (منصور تهرانی)
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Actor
  • Writer
  • Sound
  • Music
Mansour Tehrani has been a Music in some movies:
The Mallet is about that Hassan Santoori is an addicted guy who smuggles opium. But when his own son becomes addicted his life changes forever. In this film Mansour Tehrani collaborates with Abolfazl Poor Arab, Majid Mozaffari, ... Kazem Afrandnia, Mehdi Fakhimzadeh, Reza Karam Rezaie, Iraj Golafshan, Fakhri Khorvash, Khosrow Malekan, MohammadTaghi Kahnamooei, Houshang Mansour Khaki, Asghar Alaee, Reza Ardalan, Jamshid Farahi, Hossein Haghighi, Ahmad Behrouzi, Manouchehr Afsari, Mohammad Varshochi, Ali Asghar Ahadi, Saadi Afshar, Karim Nabinezhad, Akbar Namini, Mehdi Sanai, Hassan Shemshad, Mahmood Alizadeh, Jahansouz Fooladi, Zhale Sedarati, Kave Fooladi
The Black Path is about that Amir Asad Khan intends to save his two sons, Fereydoun and Farrokh, who are drug addicts. He locks them up in a room so that they are forced to quit their addiction. However, those two get the drugs any way. At the night of Farrokh’s wedding, he kills his wife, Forugh, who’s always been suspicious of him, and then commits suicide. In this film Mansour Tehrani collaborates with Ahoo Kheradmand, Jamshid Layegh, Enayat Bakhshi, Mir Salah Hosseini, Nemat Haghighi, Mousa Afshar, Kazem Baloochi, Farhang Moayyeri, Reza Zhian, Ali Bagheri, Iraj Sarbaz, Mahmoud Ostad Mohammad, Khosrow Amir Sadeghi, Youra Yousefi, Abdolreza Saatchi Fard, Nahid Zafar, Jalil Farjad‌, Asghar Zamani, Koopal Meshkat, Soroor Rajai, Yamin Ilkhani
Mansour Tehrani has been a Actor in some movies:
Stone Lion is about that The body of an English man who is been killed with a scythe is found in the Bakhtiary's area. Khoda Morad whose job is making stony lions with another man Kohyar bury the body. An officer A'meri with an English diplomat guiding him come to investigate in the murder case and arrest the murderer. They accuse Kohyar of the murder causing a dispute between people there. In this film Mansour Tehrani collaborates with Ali Nasirian, Ezzatolah Entezami, Fahimeh Rastkar, Shamsi Fazlollahi, Hamid Jebeli, Azita Lachini, Mahmoud Kalari, Asghar Hemmat, Mir Salah Hosseini, Behzad Rahim Khani, Masoud Jafari Jozani, Abbas Nozari, Eshagh Khanzadi, Koohyar Kalari, Hossein Maleki, Fereydoon Shahbazian, Rouhollah Emami, Ahmad Hashemi, Iraj Safdari, Sami Tahassoni, Vali Shirandami, Sahar Jafari Jozani, Sogand Rahmani, Ataollah Zahed, Fereydoun Aboo Zia, Afagh Rezvani, Alireza Shoja Noori
Fishery is about that Hoxha Mammed (Davood Rashidi) is suspected by government officials and then head of fisheries over past life issues and revelations against a former fisheries chief. In this film Mansour Tehrani collaborates with Ahmad Ghadakchian, Davood Rashidi, Mehri Vadadian, Kioomars Malek Motiee, Abdollah Eskandari, Hossein Maleki, Jamshid Alvandi, Mahin Shahabi, Majid Eskandari, Ahmad Hashemi, Javad Golpaygani, Reza Mirlohi, Hossein Shahab, Ali Allahyari, Ali Shoaei, Abbas Ghajar, Jalal Pishvaeeyan, Kanan Kiani, Arezou Shahabi, Afsaneh Bahrami, Farzaneh Bahrami, Hassan Mosayebi, Mohammad Balish Mazandarani
Wounded Night is about that Behrouz and Morteza are two young men who have completely different moral characteristics. Behrouz has a job to provide for his studies but Morteza is unemployed and wandering about. Morteza goes in a robbery to earn some money, but before Behrouz can discourage him, police shoot him while he is trying to escape and he dies. In this film Mansour Tehrani collaborates with Nematollah Gorji, Mehdi Rajaian, Morteza Aghili, Faramarz Rasooli, Shahin Rezaei, Shahrzad Armani, Mohammad Saffar, Arman, Mohammad Rashidi, Behrooz Behnejad, Reza Anjam Rooz, Ebi Hamedi, Rajb Bohlooli, Gholam, Akbar
The Night Traveller is about that The son of a taxi driver goes to Europe to pursue his studies but goes wasted. One of his friends takes him to a group of drug smugglers which is managed by a woman having influence over others. The son is arrested in a mission smuggling drugs in Iran but the leader orders to release him. Instead of him, they arrest an addicted in Jamshid street and sentence him to death. The son is influenced by this event and begins to fight against the smugglers and he is injured severely. A sweeper finds him in the street and calls an ambulance. The taxi driver comes to the location and takes his son to the hospital. In this film Mansour Tehrani collaborates with Nematollah Gorji, Sirous Alvand, Farhad Mohabbat, Reza Ardalan, Abbas Mokhtari, Ezzatollah Ramezanifar, Maliheh Nasiri, Farhad Hamidi, Mahmood Alizadeh, Ali Saadeghi
Mansour Tehrani has been a Producer in some movies:
The Event is about that Two Americans have an accident with a pregnant woman, in which the woman loses her baby and goes through some severe injuries. Her husband, Ahmad Ziaei, is a teacher. When his protests and complaints lead nowhere, he tries to teach the law of capitulation to students in order to provide more enlightenment to the people of his country. Ahmad gets arrested and her wife passes away in his absence. When the official government doesn't even administer the degrading law of the capitulation, it makes Ahmad to decide to enforce justice by himself and confront the Americans. He finally kills one of them, but in the end, the police arrest him. In this film Mansour Tehrani collaborates with Nematollah Gorji, Akbar Zanjanpoor, Shapoor Bakhshayi, Bahman Zarrinpour, Reza Ardalan, Abbas Mokhtari, Ahmad Behrouzi, Khosrow Amir Sadeghi, Houshang Nikpour, Hossein Omrani, Zohreh Amiri, Mohsen Ghobadi, Ebrahim Aghajani, Shirin Golkar, Vahab Noorizadeh, Mahmood Alizadeh, Khosro Zangbari, Masoud Talaei, Souri Zafar, Musa Shojaei, Reza Anjam Rooz, Safieh Mofid, Maryam Kordbache
Other films are:
The Order, Crystal Garden, The Leaf and the Wind, Locusts, Twins, Beyond the Dead End, Explosion, The Blind Owl, Balash, The Captive, Vultures Die, From Screaming to Assassination, Special Inspector, The Border
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