Nikoo Kheradmand
نیکو خردمند

Nikoo Kheradmand (نیکو خردمند)
  • Actor
Kheradmand, Nikou (born October 27, 1932, Tehran-died November 17, 2009, Tehran) Nikou Kheradmand, the sister of actress Ahou Kheradmand, began her art career in radio in 1959 before taking up voice acting and dubbing in 1961. She made her film debut with Varuj Karim-Masihi’s ‘The Last Act’ (1990). Some of her films include ‘The Empty House’ (1991), ‘The Passengers’ (1991), ‘The Secret of the Matthiola’ (1993), ‘Zinat’ (1993), ‘Ghazal’ (1995), ‘Rules of the ... Game’ (1997), ‘Psycho’ (1997), ‘Seven Stones’ (1997), ‘Sharareh’ (1999), ‘Unruled Paper’ (2001), ‘Breakfast for Two’ (2003), ‘The Havana Brief’ (2004), ‘Café Setare’ (2004), ‘Can You Hear Me Mom?’ (2005) and ‘The Proposal for 50 Million’ (2005). Kheradmand has also appeared in series such as ‘Grandmother's Galoshes’ (1988), ‘Apartment’ (1992-1993), ‘The Cherry Orchard’ (1993), ‘The Cuckoo's Song’ (1994), ‘Khazra High School’ (1995-1996), ‘Returning Home’ (1996), ‘All My Children’ (1997), ‘The Friendship Agency’ (1996-1999), ‘The Magic Coat’ (1998-1999), ‘Mother’ (1999), ‘Neighbors’ (2000), and ‘The Glass Wall’ (2001). Her appaearnce in ‘The Last Act’ (1990) as well as ‘Plaything’ (1993) won the actress two Crystal Simorghs for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role from Fajr International Film Festival. She passed away at the age of 77.
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