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Katayoon Riahi (کتایون ریاحی)


Katayoon Riahi (کتایون ریاحی)


Born: December 31st 1961 in Tehran,Iran

Riahi, Katayoun (born December 31, 1961, Tehran) Katayoun Riahi has a university degree in Literature and Anthropology. She was initially interested in writing stories for children but later switched to acting. Her cinematic debut was 'Paeezan' (1987) and she found fame with the series 'The Patriarch' (1994). It was with the series 'Days of Life' (1998), 'After the Rain' (1999) and 'The 10th Night' (2001) that she established herself as a capable actress. She also played a starring role in the series 'Prophet Joseph' (2009). Many critics believe that Riyahi’s best performance was in the movie 'The Last Supper' (2001), a ro Read More.. le which brought her a Best Actress nomination at the 20th Fajr International Film Festival. Her outstanding performance in the movie 'This Woman Won't Talk' (2002) wins a nomination for the Best Actress Award at the 7th Iran Cinema Celebration. Riahi has also appeared in a number of movies, including 'The Stranger' (1987), 'Apartment 13' (1990), 'The Kind Moon' (1995), 'Lighter Than Darkness' (2002) and 'Invitation' (2008).


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Katayoon Riahi (کتایون ریاحی)