Mahin Shahabi
مهین شهابی

Mahin Shahabi (مهین شهابی)
  • Actor
Born September 16, 1933
Shahabi, Mahin (born September 16, 1933, Bushehr - died August 23, 2010, Tehran) Born Mahin Niktab, Mahin Shahabi was born in a military family. After appearing in a number of plays at the Dramatic Arts Office, she was employed by the Ministry of Art and Culture. In 1958, she began working for the national radio. Then in 1960, she enrolled in Anahita Academy’s acting classes and began television and film acting. She appeared in movies such as 'The Cow' (1969), 'The Assignment' (198 ...6), 'Let Me Live' (1986), 'Tuberose' (1987), 'Paeezan' (1987), 'The Window' (1988), and 'Let's Talk About the Past' (2008). She was nominated for a Fajr International Film Festival Crystal Simorgh for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for 'Two Halves of the Apple' (1991). She also acted in series, including 'I'm Late for School Again' (1984), 'The Mirror' (1985-1987), 'Grandmother's Galoshes' (1988), 'The Smile of Life' (1993), 'The Green House' (1993), 'The Hidden Half of the Moon' (1994), 'All My Children' (1997), 'Ninety Nights' (2000), 'On Foot' (2005), 'Detective Rashid' (2005-2006), 'A Mother's Song' (2008), and 'Code White' (2010-2011). She passed away due to complications caused by a brain tumor at the age of 89.