Mohammadhossein Farahbakhsh
محمدحسین فرحبخش

Mohammadhossein Farahbakhsh (محمدحسین فرحبخش)
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Writer
Born June 26, 1959
Hossein Farah Bakhsh ( محمدحسین فرح‌بخش) is an acclaimed producer. He directed and produced the thriller 'Private Life' (2012) working with the leading actor Farhad Aslani. Hossein Farah Bakhsh has worked on a wide range of projects such as the comedy 'The Indian Gift' (1994) working with writer and director Mohammad Reza Zehtabi, 'Coma' (2004) and the action film 'Behesht-e Penhan' (1994)