Parviz Parastui
پرویز پرستویی‎

Parviz Parastui (پرویز پرستویی‎)
  • Producer
  • Actor
  • Cinematographer
  • Set Designer
Born June 24, 1955
Parviz Parastui ( پرویز پرستویی‎ ) was born on 24 June 1955 in the village of Charli, Iran, to a farming family, which moved to Tehran when Parviz was three years old. He began acting on stage at the age of 15 by joining numerous theatrical groups, one of them led by the director Bahram Beizai. Performances in Kiosk and Submitters earned 20-year-old Parviz Parastui awards from The Youth Palace. Prior to becoming a full-time actor he attained a degree in Dramatic Arts from the Minis ...try of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and worked as a judicial receptionist. Parastui is well known to the general public for Hunting (Shekar) Leili is With Me (Leili Ba Man Ast), Snow Man (Adam Barfi), The Changed Man (Marde Avazi), Water and Fire (Ab o Atash). Parvis Parastui gained recognition with 'The Glass Agency' (Ajanse Shishei), 'The Lizard' (Marmoolak), 'The Willow Tree' (Bide Majnoon) and 'Today' (Emrouz) garnering much praise and several awards for those films. Parastui won 4 Crystal Simorgh Best Actor Awards for the movie 'The Glass Angency', 'In the Name of the Father' (Be Name Pedar), 'The Willow Tree', Ebrahimiyan's 2016 feature film 'Bodyguard'. Multi-award winning actor Parviz Parastui is also known for the TV Shows: Imam Ali, Under the Pillory (Zighe Tigh) and The Red Soil (Khake Sorkh). More recently, Parvis Parastui appeared on the big screen in the movie 'Ghatele Ahli' and 'The Paper Home' (Khaneye Kaghazi).