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Hossein Abedini ( حسین عابدینی )


Hossein Abedini ( حسین عابدینی )

Editor | Actor

Born in Zanjan

Abedini, Hossein (born 1980, Mah Neshan) Hossein Abedini was born in the Iranian city of Mah-Neshan, Zanjan Province. Despite stumbling into acting by chance, he won the 19th Fajr International Film Festival’s Crystal Simorgh for Best Actor in a Leading Role by appearing in Majid Majidi’s ‘Baran’(2001). He also won the Best Young Actor award from Poland’s International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino and a Certificate of Merit from Iran’s Children and Young Adults International Film Festival for his role in ‘Father’ (1995). Abedini has appeared in several movies, including ‘How to Kill Love’ (2002), ‘The Lizard Read More.. ’ (2003), ‘How Much for You to Cry?’ (2005), ‘The Wound on Eve’s Shoulder’ (2007), ‘Wind Winding Through the Meadow’ (2007), and ‘Three Degree Fever’ (2010). He has also acted in series such as ‘The Children of Hemmat School’ (1996-1997), ‘The Forgotten’ (2010), and ‘Wake Up’ (2011).


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Hossein Abedini ( حسین عابدینی )