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Mahtab Nasirpour ( مهتاب نصیرپور )


Mahtab Nasirpour ( مهتاب نصیرپور )

Producer | Actor

Born: December 20th 1965 in Tehran, Iran

Mahtab Nasirpour is an Iranian theatre and film actress and producer known Alo!Alo! Man Joojoo-am (1994), I Am Taraneh, 15 (2002), Killing Rabids (Sag Koshi) (2001), In the Name of the Father (Be Name Pedar) (2006), The Earth Child (Farzande Khah) (2008), Tehran 1500 (2008). More recently, she played alongside Parviz Paratui in Soheila Golestani's 2015 drama Two (Do). On stage, she performed in Mohammad Rahmanian's play Old Songs (Taranehaye Ghadimi).


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Mahtab Nasirpour ( مهتاب نصیرپور )