Hamed Hosseini
حامد حسینی

Hamed Hosseini (حامد حسینی)
  • Producer
  • Editor
  • Actor
Hamed Hosseini (حامد حسینی) Movies | Bio & Filmography | IMVBox has been an Actor in the following movies: When I Became a Butterfly (2017), The Good, The Bad, The Corny (2017) and Will (2011). A Producer in the following movies: Metropole Cinema (2023), The Last Stroke (2019), Bi Tar (2019) and Cypress Underwater (2017). An Editor in the following movies: Forbiddance (2021), How Much You Want to Cry? 2 (2019), Samurai in Berlin (2018), Don't Get in My Way (2017), Off Key (2016) and m ...oreAn Editor in the following TV series: Funny Show (2011).
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