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Fariba Motekhases


Fariba Motekhases


Born: August 23rd 1961 in Boroujerd, Iran

Motekhasses, Farbia (born July 23, 1961, Boroujerd) Fariba Motekhasses is an actress, known for films such as Eve's red apple (1998), Iran Burger (2015) by Massood Jafari Jozani and ‘Under the Smokey Roof’ (2017) by Pouran Derakhshandeh She is also a household name for appearing in the series such as 'Cherry Garden' (1993-1994), ‘Neighbors’ (2000) ‘Where to In Such a Hurry’ (2009) and ‘In the Eye of Strom’ (2009). The talented actress has quite a resume in performing various theater plays such as ‘Lady Pistol’ which was selected as the best performance at the 34th Fajr International Theater Festival in Iran. Motekhasses Read More.. won the best female actress for appearing in the play. She started professional stage acting at the age of around 20 with the theater play ‘Pearl’ led by Akbar Zanjanpour. In 1989, the actress embarked on her career in radio as a host as well as voice actor. In one latest interview, she noted that her primary interest in acting is to work in theater compared with cinema.


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Fariba Motekhases