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Fatemeh Motamed Aria (فاطمه معتمد آریا)


Fatemeh Motamed Aria (فاطمه معتمد آریا)


Born: October 29th 1961 in Tehran, Iran

Fatemeh Motamed Aria ( فاطمه معتمد آریا ) was born on 29 October 1961 in Tehran. She is a multi-award-winning Iranian actress. Fatemeh Motamed Aria received her degree in Arts from Tehran University. She got involved in theater during her teen years and then has emerged as one of the most celebrated actresses of post-revolutionary Iranian cinema. She has had nine nominations for best actress at the Fajr International Film Festival, with four of them successfully winning her the Crystal Simorgh. More recently, Fatemeh Motamed Aria played in Tales (Ghesseha), Avalanche (Bahman), and Yahya Didn't Keep Quiet (Yahya Sokoot Nakard).


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Fatemeh Motamed Aria (فاطمه معتمد آریا)


Fatemeh Motamed Aria (فاطمه معتمد آریا)


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