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Farrokh Nemati ( فرخ نعمتی )


Farrokh Nemati ( فرخ نعمتی )

Actor | Writer

Born: November 23rd 1951 in Tehran, Iran

Farrokh Nemati ( فرخ نعمتی ) was born on the 23 November 1951 in Tehran. After completing his BA in Economics and Management, he began his artistic path in 1984. He has worked with important actors such as Roya Nonahali and Jahangir Almasi and is the husband of Iranian actress Soheila Razavi. Farrokh Nemati's best known films are The Fish Fall in Love (2006), Doubt (2009), Zaer Khalaf (1985) directed by Yadollag Noasri. More recently, Farrokh Nemati appeared in the movie 'Orphanage of Iran' (Yatime Khaneye Iran).


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Farrokh Nemati ( فرخ نعمتی )


Farrokh Nemati ( فرخ نعمتی )

Actor | Writer

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