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Asghar Hemmat ( علی اصغر همت )


Asghar Hemmat ( علی اصغر همت )

Actor | Make up

Born in Shiraz, Iran

Asghar Hemmat ( علی اصغر همت ) was born on 18 December 1952 in Shiraz, Iran. In 1978 he graduated in Theatre from Tehran's University of Art. He also taught theatre at schools. Starring in 'The Ugly and the Beautiful' (1999), Hemmat has also worked behind the scenes in make-up design and styling, even dual tasking in both roles in 'Ali va ghool-e jangal' (1990). In 2002 he received the Acting Medal in the First Degree from the Artists Evaluation Council of Iran.


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Asghar Hemmat ( علی اصغر همت )