Ahdieh Badiee
عهدیه بدیعی

Ahdieh Badiee (عهدیه بدیعی)
  • Music
Ahdieh Badiee has been a Music in some movies:
Under the Dark Blue Sky is about that This movie narrates the love story of a man and a woman in a remote village that undergoes strange events. In this film Ahdieh Badiee collaborates with Shahla Riahi, Malihe Nikjumand, ... Reza Karimi, Ali Mahzoun, Rubik Mansouri, Rafi Halati, Mohsen Sadeghi, Enayatollah Famin, Iran Daftari, Ali Barjasteh, Nariman Shiri Fard, Azar Shiva, Iran Ghaderi, Nematollah Rafii, Majid Mohseni, Shahin, Hossein Mohseni, Mehdi Rais Firouz, Homayoun Khoram, Ramesh, Aref ArefKia, Manoochehr Sakhayi, Kouros Sarhangzade
Under the Market is about that Two sisters are running a coffee shop while a young man enters their life. The older sister makes a relationship with him. After a while, the man goes on a trip to provide for his wedding with the girl. When he returns, he cannot find her. Another young man who also loves the girl tries by trickery to make him suspected to the girl and leave her. Finally the truth is revealed and they marry together. In this film Ahdieh Badiee collaborates with Pouri Banayi‌, Asadollah Yekta, MohammadTaghi Kahnamooei, Hossein Khajeh Amiri, Akbar Hashemi, Ebrahim Keyhani, Hossein Vaseghi, Tooraj Poor Morovvat, Giti Forouhar, Abolfazl Mirzai, Ali Miri, Manoochehr Vossoogh, Akbar Jannati Shirazi, Hassan Dolatshahi, Habibollah kasmai, Ebrahim Naderi, Mohammadali Bandani, Reza Safaei, Simin Alizade, Mahmoud Tatar, Hossein Movaffagh, Nooshin
The Brazen Beauty is about that Manouchehr, the managing director of a company, and her friend Latif rescue Zeenat, who was about to commit suicide. In this film Ahdieh Badiee collaborates with Reza Beyk Imanverdi, Jamshid Mehrdad, Reza Banki, Akbar Esfahani, Zabihollah Zabih-Poor, Nariman Shiri Fard, Manoochehr Vossoogh, Ali Akbar Mahdavifar, Abdollah Butimar, Karim Ghajar, Esmaeel Nooriala, Mehdi Jourak, Fereydoun Riahi, Shahla Safi Zamir
The Woman is about that This film is the life story of Mansour, a sad student whose mother Shirin is divorced and whose father Ismal Agha is an addict. In this film Ahdieh Badiee collaborates with Bahman Mofid, Hamideh Kheirabadi, Ahmad Ahmadpoor, Mohammad Banki, Hossein Shahab, Jalal Pishvaeeyan, Zabihollah Zabih-Poor, Ghodratollah Ehsani, Hossein Vaseghi, Nariman Shiri Fard, Varoozh Karapetian, Ali Mortazavi, Shahram Saminipoor, Farideh Bayat, Sepideh, Yousef Irvani, Naser Tabrizi, Nadia, Abbas Hekmat Ara, Khaledi, Lida
The One Night Wife is about that Humayun, who has divorced his wife, asks Nosrat, who owns a shoe factory, to play the role of Mahalal, in order to remarry his ex-wife. But Sarah, Nusrat's wife, prevents her husband's cooperation. Homayun provides a possibility for Nusrat and his wife Sara to go to the north of the country through the mediation of a driver. And in the middle of the way, Homayoun's wife and his mother will ride in their car and in this way they will get to know each other. Nusrat marries Humayun's wife and they go north according to the plan. But Sara and Dost Nosrat are always watching over them and they don't let them be alone and they often start a controversy. In this film Ahdieh Badiee collaborates with Bahman Mofid, Hamideh Kheirabadi, Pouri Banayi‌, Reza Mirlohi, Rubik Mansouri, Mahmoud Kushan, Ali Miri, Morteza Aghili, Taghi Mokhtar, Hossein Mohseni, Majid Mehrjoo, Esmaeel Koushan, Fereshteh Jenabi, Mansoor Matin
Zafar is about that Fati (Forozan) goes to Tehran from his hometown. Kadkhoda and his mother gave her the address of Khan Sardar. Shamsollah Zafar (Reza Beyk Imanverdi), Khan Sardar's driver, takes Fati to Sardar's house. In this film Ahdieh Badiee collaborates with Reza Beyk Imanverdi, Siamak Atlasi, Iraj Golafshan, Rubik Mansouri, Ghodratollah Ehsani, Abolfazl Mirzai, Ali Miri, Anooshiravan Roohani, Habibollah Boloor, Saber Rahbar, Mersedeh Kamyab, Hossein Badihi, Amir Fakhereddin Shirazi, Homayoun Khoram, Parvin Kheirbakhsh, Nadia
Lack of Zeal is about that Ali is a truck driver and his sister Efat is in a hospital in Shiraz. He and Mohsen travel by truck. Teimur and his men steal money from a company's safe and leave the bag containing the money in Ali's truck... In this film Ahdieh Badiee collaborates with Ahmad Ghadakchian, Hassan Rezaei, Pouri Banayi‌, Hossein Shahab, Katayoun Amir Ebrahimi, Abbas Mehrdadiyan, Mohsen Arasteh, Ahmad Alinejad, Hossein Vaseghi, Ali Azad, Mohsen Mahdavi, Morteza Hadighi, Rahim Roshanian, Ali Dehghan, GholamReza Mojaveri, Manoochehr, Sima Afshar, Kazem Salaki, Shahram
Other films are:
The Euphonious One and the Nice One, I Owe You One Ousa Karim, Tunnel, Accusation, Repentance, Shooter, Sunray, Dash Esmal's Holiday, Prejudice, King of the Hearts, The Favorite, Oath For Silence, The Miserable One, A Husband to Rent, My Hubby Has Fallen in Love, Bride Price, The Ruffian, The Honor, Sin City, Joys of Life., Night Watch, The Wedding Night, The Confrontation, The Star of the Seven Heavens, Blazing Star, Three Fugitives, Destiny, Hello Love, The Black Rock, The Sorceress, Saghi, Prostitutes, The Wild River, Expelled, The Compulsory Driver, The Rival, The Pioneer, Golden Heel, Fairy Child, The Beautiful Pari, Plight, The Champion, The Golden Eagle, Crossing the Boundary of Life, Hero Waste, Bread and Salt, Indecent, Foreigner, Stepmother, The Captain, Believing Captain, Neighbour's Chicken, The Retribution, Miracle, The Miracle of Hearts, I Am Going to Buy a Dad, The White Clove, Mistress, Meshki, Mehdi in Black and Hot Mini Pants, Mehdi Farangi, Paramour, A Man from the South of the City, Manly Men and Cowardly Men, The Man of Night, The Jungle Man, Man with Two Faces, Gulf Men, I Cried Too, January Night Adventure, Violent Adventurers, Loved by Kids, Twentieth Century Leveler, Kowsar, Koohzad, Migration, Grudge, Who Drops the Ball?, Beauty of the Neighborhood, Goodbye Little One, Khatoon, The Wrongdoers, The Key to Heaven, The Golden Belt, Don't Trick Me Baby!, Nigger, Kaj Kola Khan, Baby Dandy, Seperation, The Controversy, Valiant, Die Hard, Brawl, Johnny and Chubby, The Foolish and the Dancer, Hell + Me, The Road of Criminals, This Hand Is Crooked, Respect for Friend, No One Can Be My Dad, Effort, Escape From The Cellar, The Beast, The Desire, Harlot, Rapacious, Always a Hero, Ham Ghasam, Seven Cities of Love, Seven Girls for Seven Boys, The Magnificent Seven, Great Passing, Dear Gol Pari, Golnesa in Paris, The Poppy, The Luminescent Jewel, Ghoul, Hook, Gholam Zangi, Fervor, The Night Story, Fate, Yalda Night Story, The Golden Palace, The Oath, Golden Hearts, Ghader, Whirlpool of Sin, An Aristocrat Beggar, The Turn of Fate, Human Scream, Glorious Tomorrow, Escape from Life, Gharoon's Love, The Third Thief, The Enemy, The Little Liar, A World Full of Hope, A False World, The Blue World, Two Rough Men, The Doctor and the Dancer, Daughter of the King of Angels, Code Girl, Cheeky Girls, Naughty Men, Two Pigeons, Del khodesh Mikhad, Restless Hearts, Defending Honour, The Red Plain, In the Nick of the Time, The Clown, Dalahoo, Clowns, Eyes Closed, Stranger, Let's Go Steal, Give in the Way of God, Separate Beds, Nobles, For Whom the Hearts Beat, Bandari, The Brave Bahram, Together and Yet Alone, Evildoers, Breadwinner, The Dad with a Mole, The Agitator, Bride of Tehran, Bride of Bianca, The Barefoot Bride, Antar & Mantar, The Notorious, Prince Arsalan, Unclean, Alibaba and Forty Thieves of Baghdad, Happy Go Lucky, Mister, Do Not Frown, Mr.Jahel, Here Comes Mr. Mehdi, Water for Repentance, Superman, The Insurgent, Mirage, Boatmen, Seductive Beauty, Morvarid