Hossein Mohseni
حسین محسنی

Hossein Mohseni (حسین محسنی)
  • Actor
  • Make up
  • Set Designer
Hossein Mohseni (حسین محسنی) has been a Makeup Artist in the following movies: Breathtaking (1979), Joys of Life. (1976), Joys of Life. (1976), I Owe You One Ousa Karim (1974), Jabbar, Runaway Sergeant (1973) and more. An Actor in the following movies: Retaliatiion (1977), Reed Bed (1976), Together and Yet Alone (1976), The Compulsory Driver (1975), Sheikh Saleh (1973) and more. A Set Designer in the following movies: Breathtaking (1979), The Little Warriors (1973), The Millionaire Be ...gger (1973), Abbase and Jafar Barmaki (1972), Forced Leave (1965) and more.
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