Kazem Salaki
کاظم سالکی

Kazem Salaki (کاظم سالکی)
  • Producer
  • Actor
Kazem Salaki has been a Producer in some movies:
Lack of Zeal is about that Ali is a truck driver and his sister Efat is in a hospital in Shiraz. He and Mohsen travel by truck. Teimur and his men steal money from a company's safe and leave the bag containing the money in Ali's truck... In this film Kazem Salaki collaborates with Ahmad Ghadakchian, ... Hassan Rezaei, Pouri Banayi‌, Hossein Shahab, Katayoun Amir Ebrahimi, Abbas Mehrdadiyan, Mohsen Arasteh, Ahmad Alinejad, Hossein Vaseghi, Ali Azad, Mohsen Mahdavi, Morteza Hadighi, Rahim Roshanian, Ahdieh Badiee, Ali Dehghan, GholamReza Mojaveri, Manoochehr, Sima Afshar, Shahram
Taher is about that Before his death, Mr. Memari entrusted his daughter Lida and his son Taher to Mr. Engineer. Mr. Engineer goes to Ahvaz and takes Lida to raise him with his son Shahram... In this film Kazem Salaki collaborates with Nematollah Gorji, Mehri Vadadian, Kamran Bakhtar, Hossein Maleki, Karim Neshat, Ebrahim Keyhani, Hossein Vaseghi, Manoochehr Vossoogh, Morteza Aghili, Ghodratollah Bozorgi, Karmen, Abdollah Butimar, Esmaeel Shirazi, Reza Anjam Rooz, Morteza Barjaste, Simin Alizade, Shahin Khalili, Lida Daneshvar, Simin, Shahram, Mansour Valadbeigi, Razi, Homayoon Mazaheri, Sima Gorji, Esmail Khosrawi, Ansari
The Daydreamer is about that By opening the cell safe in which he works, Ahmed returns the checks and promissory notes in the safe to their owners. Ahmed leaves the city for fear of the owner of the room and finds a magic lamp in the desert. In this film Kazem Salaki collaborates with Mehri Vadadian, Pouri Banayi‌, Hossein Maleki, Ahmad Ahmadpoor, Manoochehr Nozari, Farhad Khshbakht, Roohollah Mofidi, Ali Miri, Morteza Aghili, Hossein Ghasemi-Vand, Homayoon, Lili Rezvani, Faegheh Atashin, Abdollah Butimar, Mastaneh Jazayeri, Tahereh Ghafari, Mohammadreza Fazeli, Ramesh, Aref ArefKia, Natasha, Beti, Norouz Ali Khoshbakht, Farshid Farzan, Nahid, Reza Zolfaghari, Jalal Musavi, Gholamreza Sarkoob
The Magnificent Seven is about that A landlord disagrees with the new law which is against his interests. But Salar Khan whose son is about to marry the landlord's daughter wants this new law. The landlord's men kill a policeman who is not accepting their bribery. An army officer with few soldiers comes to the village to fight against the landlord and his men. With the help of Salar Khan and his men, they defeat the cruel landlord and finally Salar Khan's son marries the landlord's daughter. In this film Kazem Salaki collaborates with Yadi, Asadollah Yekta, Hossein Maleki, Hossein Safarian, Asghar Semsarzade, Reza Safaei Pour, Ezzatolah Vosoogh, Reza Rakhshani, Farhad Khshbakht, Mashin Chiyan, Hassan Mosayebi, Nariman Shiri Fard, Giti Forouhar, Mohsen Mahdavi, Farrokh Sajedi, Ebrahim Fakhar, Abdollah Butimar, Ahdieh Badiee, Mohammad Gilani, Firouz Dadashpoor, Reza Anjam Rooz, Manoochehr Tayefeh, Parvaneh, Shahin Khalili, Manoochehr Ghasemi, Ali Banki, Ali Akhoondzade, Gholamreza Sarkoob
The Sin of Beauty is about that In order to get the woman he wants, the despicable man sends the woman's husband to prison on the pretext of his debts. A woman who is in financial distress turns to a promiscuous man, but she resists his request and is seriously injured. Thinking that he has killed the woman, the despicable man leaves her in the desert and runs away. The wife is released from prison with the help of her friends. According to the evidence, she is suspicious of her husband at first, but soon the truth is revealed and the man who eats food is caught by the law. The woman and her husband also start a new life. In this film Kazem Salaki collaborates with Leila Forouhar, Mehri Vadadian, Asadollah Yekta, Jamshid Alvandi, Mohsen Arasteh, Faraj Molayi, Ali Azad, Sirus Jarahzade, Faegheh Atashin, Niktaj Sabri, Khalil Oghab, Rezvan, Mina Maghazeie, Mohammad Majidi
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