Shahin Khalili
شهین خلیلی

Niloofar (نیلوفر)

Shahin Khalili (شهین خلیلی)
  • Actor
  • Music
Shahin Khalili has been a Actor in some movies:
Manic is about that Shahpour is a philosophy student and his wife is a sculpture student. Shahpour has a mental disorder and his illness gradually worsens. The attending physician is disappointed with Shahpur's improvement and Shahpour is transferred to a mental hospital. Shahpour's wife and mother get permission to take Shahpour to Mashhad together with one of the nursing home staff. Shahpur escapes from them and takes refuge in a village, and the children of the village make fun of Shahpur and follow him with sticks and stones. A child falls into a pond and dies when he is tormented by Shahpur. Ahl Abadi attacked Shahpur and Shahpur, who took shelter on top of a tree, fell and died. His body is handed over to his family and buried. In this film Shahin Khalili collaborates with Dariush Asadzadeh, ... Mohammad Banki, Mohammad Varshochi, Ebrahim Keyhani, Giti Forouhar, Farrokh Sajedi, Hossein Ghasemi-Vand, Reza Ghiasi, Farhad Mehrad -, Shahrooz Ramtin, Simin Ghaffari, Faraj Sajedi, Khosro Yahyayi, Ardavan Mofid, Mohammad Oshal, Khosrow Golestani
Noah's Storm is about that Noah tries to save his lost son who is a diamond smuggler. Noah goes to the country's border with a few people and introduces his younger brother instead of the unknown party of the smuggling transaction... In this film Shahin Khalili collaborates with Mohammad Ali Fardin, Iraj Sadeghpour, Rubik Mansouri, Naser Malek Motiee‌, Rafi Halati, Hossein Gil, Ali Zandi, Ahmad Shirazi, Marina Mater, Roya, Jafar Poor Hashemi, Taghi Zohuri, Siamak Yasemi, Ebrahim Zamani Ashtiani, Habibollah Badiei
Shahin Khalili has been a Music in some movies:
Taher is about that Before his death, Mr. Memari entrusted his daughter Lida and his son Taher to Mr. Engineer. Mr. Engineer goes to Ahvaz and takes Lida to raise him with his son Shahram... In this film Shahin Khalili collaborates with Nematollah Gorji, Mehri Vadadian, Kamran Bakhtar, Hossein Maleki, Karim Neshat, Ebrahim Keyhani, Hossein Vaseghi, Manoochehr Vossoogh, Morteza Aghili, Ghodratollah Bozorgi, Karmen, Abdollah Butimar, Esmaeel Shirazi, Reza Anjam Rooz, Morteza Barjaste, Simin Alizade, Lida Daneshvar, Simin, Kazem Salaki, Shahram, Mansour Valadbeigi, Razi, Homayoon Mazaheri, Sima Gorji, Esmail Khosrawi, Ansari
Do not Joke, I will be Offended is about that Amin, who is in the business of smuggling alcohol, kills the leader of one of the rival groups. Farhad and Siroos witness the murder, they run away from Amin and his men and disguise themselves by wearing women's clothes and go to the Motel Ghoo. In this film Shahin Khalili collaborates with Ahmad Ghadakchian, Hamideh Kheirabadi, Dariush Asadzadeh, Manoochehr Nozari, Rubik Mansouri, Nosratollah Kani, Javad Ghaemmaghami, Nasser Jack Lord, Majid Mehrjoo, Esmaeel Koushan, Reza Safaei, Parvin Kheirbakhsh, Ali Tabesh, Ali Akhoondzade, Mansoor Bagherian, Rahimi Shabestari, Parviz
Glory of a Champion is about that Two brothers fall in love with a factory owner's daughter. The older brother deceives his brother with a clever plan and approaches the girl himself... In this film Shahin Khalili collaborates with Alireza Zarrindast, Jalal Pishvaeeyan, Haleh Nazari, Farrokh Sajedi, Iran Ghaderi, Homayoon Bahadoran, Mohammad Zarindast, Anooshavan Harootionian, Masoud Zadegan, Manoochehr Zhian
Sharareh is about that A handsome man who has two wives falls in love with the sister of one of his wives named Sharare. In order to reach Sharare, he spreads rumours about his death and proposes to her by changing his appearance. In this film Shahin Khalili collaborates with Valiollah Khakdan, Morteza Ahmadi, Eshagh Khanzadi, MohammadTaghi Kahnamooei, Azizollah Kordvani, Gholamhossein Bahmanyar, Gorgin Garigorian, Majid Shahbaz, Hossein Vaseghi, Farrokh Sajedi, Sorayya Beheshsti, Karmen, Reza Rokhak, Ahmad Najibzadeh, Ashraf Kashani, Ebrahim Dilamani, Ramesh, Mahtab, Emad Ram, Reihaneh, Saghar
The City of Wine is about that Nasim is born as a result of an illegitimate relationship. She does not like her parents. Her father kills her mother in a conspiracy to keep his secret hidden. Nasim goes after her father for a while and eventually kills him and takes revenge. She is now pursued by the police. She fails to escape and commits suicide. In this film Shahin Khalili collaborates with Kioomars Malek Motiee, Asghar Banki, Fakhri Khorvash, Reza Mohajer, Hassan Mosayebi, Hossein Vaseghi, Ali Mazinani, Bahram Vatanparast, Morteza Aghili, Haleh Nazari, Fathollah Manoochehri, Ali Akbar Golpaygani, Ali Mahani, Farhad Hamidi, Farzaneh Davari, Arman, Yousef Khalilpour, Kamyab Kasravi, Parvin Malakuti, Arman Minasian, Siavash
Other films are:
Sun City, Night of the Execution, The Black Rock, Reza Chelchele, The Affair, The Dullard, The Generation of the Braves, Howling Storm, Minstrel, Fruit of Sin, Man of the Day, I Want a Husband, I Cried Too, Kowsar, Die Hard, The White Hell, Tricksters, Hengame, Hassan Dynamite, The Magnificent Seven, Double Whammy, Fate, Yalda Night Story, Tomorrow Is Bright, Escape from the Trap, A False World, The World Is Mine
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