Karim Ghajar
کریم قاجار

Karim Ghajar (کریم قاجار)
  • Actor
Karim Ghajar has been a Actor in some movies:
The Brazen Beauty is about that Manouchehr, the managing director of a company, and her friend Latif rescue Zeenat, who was about to commit suicide. In this film Karim Ghajar collaborates with Reza Beyk Imanverdi, Jamshid Mehrdad, ... Reza Banki, Akbar Esfahani, Zabihollah Zabih-Poor, Nariman Shiri Fard, Manoochehr Vossoogh, Ali Akbar Mahdavifar, Abdollah Butimar, Ahdieh Badiee, Esmaeel Nooriala, Mehdi Jourak, Fereydoun Riahi, Shahla Safi Zamir
Inverted Life is about that A young man from Tehran, having lost gambling, decides to commit suicide while traveling to Isfahan. A man from Isfahan saves him. Both of them are determined to provide themselves with a dignified life and work, and they do the same. A young man meets a girl and marries her, but soon he gets caught up in gambling and gamblers. This time, the Isfahani man comes to his aid and his family and helps him to return to a normal life. In this film Karim Ghajar collaborates with Reza Karimi, Rubik Mansouri, Iraj Safdari, Zabihollah Zabih-Poor, Ali Miri, Shokrollah Rafii, Fariba Foroohar, Nematollah Rafii, Mohammad Abdi, Hossein Badihi, Roshanak Sadr, Kamyab Kasravi, Nosratollah Vahdat, Parastoo, Mina Kahnamooyi, Mehdi Gholi Safapoor, Shila
Bondservant is about that Behzad Haft Jan cooperates with the Karim group, whose job is to distribute drugs among the youth. The rival group, led by Jalal, calls Behzad and asks him to reveal Karim and others to the police. After that, Behzad cooperates with Jalal and encourages his fiancee Sosan to cooperate with Jalal group. Sosan refuses to cooperate after learning about the task that has been assigned to him and gets in the way of Rashid, Fereydon Fesqeli and Kas Agha. They put her in a maternity hospital where she gives birth to a boy, whom she names Behrouz. Behzad is imprisoned by the conspiracy of Jalal and his men, and Susan raises her child. Years later, Behrouz, with the participation of Jalal's colleague, gets in Jalal's way and agrees to cooperate with them. Meanwhile, Behzad is released from prison and after learning about the health of his wife and child, he searches for them. Jalal makes Behrouz suspicious of Behzad; But with the intervention of the Jalal police, Dasgir and Behrouz, Behzad and Sosan start a new life. In this film Karim Ghajar collaborates with Asadollah Yekta, Jamshid Heydari, Javad Golpaygani, Maliheh Nasiri, Ali Akbar Toofan Panah, Ali Miri, Manoochehr Vossoogh, Shadi Afarin, Reza Ghiasi, Javaneh Jalilvand, Mahmoud Lofti, Rana Safavi, Manouchehr Vaalizadeh, Reza Safaei, Behrooz Shahinfar, Reza Anjam Rooz, Behrooz Moghadam, Galost Goorkian
Loneliness is about that Akbar and Aqdas are getting married, and Akbar gets into a fight with the owner of the check, Qasim Siah, while collecting his friend Mahdi's check and is imprisoned... In this film Karim Ghajar collaborates with Jamshid Mehrdad, Hossein Safarian, Jalal Pishvaeeyan, Mirza Goodarzi, Hossein Vaseghi, Giti Forouhar, Manoochehr Vossoogh, Nematollah Rafii, Yadollah Shirandami‌, Aliakbar Shekarian -, Atoosa Panahi, Azam Mirhosseini, Esmaeel Poursaeed, Manouchehr Pourahmad, Azizollah Rafii, Darvish Javidan, Ramesh, Mehran, Parva, Jalal Musavi
Camaraderie is about that Habib is a thief with a background in his ability to open the box office. He leave the robbery and but Keyvan's groupasks him to do robbery again, but Habib collaborates with the police and the band is arrested. Habib gets acquainted with Ahmad and Setare and marries with her. Sometime later, She ,meets a cafe singer named Afsaneh and makes her to leave her husband , she forced Habib to cooperate with Keyvan to steal an old woman's jewelry, Habib's wife accidentally collapses, and Habib finds himself in error and returns to his life with Setare. In this film Karim Ghajar collaborates with Bahman Mofid, Rubik Mansouri, Moharram Basim, Mirza Goodarzi, Ali Zahedi, Shahnaz Tehrani, Zhila Shahani, Ali Akbar Toofan Panah, Ali Miri, Reza Ghiasi, Habibollah kasmai, Ali Saadeghi, Manouchehr Vaalizadeh, Reza Safaei, Bahareh, Khashayar, Bahrami, Jalal Musavi
Prodigies is about that Three men are hired to kill Shokooh Divan a rich and famous guy. He goes with his fiance to his villa but in the middle of the way he has an accident. His fiance dies but he is saved by three traveling singers Mansor, Nader and Amir. By his request they take him to their little house to find who is after to kill him. In this film Karim Ghajar collaborates with Hossein Maleki, Mohammad Motevaselani, Rubik Mansouri, Reza Abdi, Jalal Pishvaeeyan, Zabihollah Zabih-Poor, Hossein Amirfazli, Abolfazl Mirzai, Mohsen Mahdavi, Shokrollah Rafii, Nematollah Rafii, Reza Rokhak, Ebrahim Naderi, Hossein Badihi, Kazem Tehranchi, Reza Safaei, Mansour Sepehrnia, Simin Alizade, Garsha Raoofi, Azar, Laleh, Mehdi Gholi Safapoor, Shila, Fereshteh, Hossein Movaffagh
Crossing the Boundary of Life is about that Amir is released after six years of imprisonment and exile and goes to a singer named Mina with whom he has a child named Mehrdad... In this film Karim Ghajar collaborates with Naser Malek Motiee‌, Farhad Khanmohammadi, Arsham Ghahremaniyan, Ali Akbar Toofan Panah, Ali Zandi, Hadi Meshkat, Giti Forouhar, Jamshid Sheibani, Akbar Jannati Shirazi, Reza Ghiasi, Zhale Karimi, Shokrollah Rafii, Habibollah kasmai, Ahdieh Badiee, Shahrooz Ramtin, Mahmoud Tehrani, Reza Safaei, Esmaeel Shirazi, Jamshid, Faramarz Mahmoodi, Farid FarhadPoor, Hayk Hoospian
Other films are:
Hossein, the Cop, An Aristocrat Beggar, Conqueror of Hearts, Ombudsman, Only Mr. Mehdi Can, Stranger, Bandeh Khoda, Boatmen, Iranian Woman Is to Die For
Trying to get Pregnant
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