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Khatereh Asadi ( خاطره اسدی )


Khatereh Asadi ( خاطره اسدی )


Born: September 29th 1983 in

Khatereh Asadi ( خاطره اسدی ) is an actress who was born in 1983 in Tehran, Iran. She graduated from the School of Arts and Architecture of Azad University and has also completed a course at the IRIB School of Art and Literature. Asadi is known for her acting in the films Crossroads (2006) and Barf Rooye Shirvani Dagh (2011). She was nominated for a Crystal Phoenix at the Fajr Film Festival for the film Aida, I Saw Your Father Last Night (2005).


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Khatereh Asadi ( خاطره اسدی )