Sharareh Dolat Abadi
شراره دولت آبادی

Sharareh Dolat Abadi (شراره دولت آبادی)
  • Actor
Dolatabadi, Sharareh (born 1962, Mashhad) Sharareh Dolatabadi has studied Economics. She began television acting with appearing in the series 'Green Land' in 1998. Then, She took part in several series, including 'The Trial' (1998-1999), 'The Safe' (2009), 'Where to in Such a Hurry?' (2009), 'Like a Nightmare' (2011), 'Lean on the Wind' (2011), and 'A Piece of Land' (2012). Dolatabadi made her cinematic debut with 'Thousands of Women Like Me' (2000). She has also appeared in movie ...s such as 'I Saw Your Dad Last Night Aida' (2004), 'The Willow Tree’ (2004), 'The Wet Dream' (2005), 'M Like Mother' (2006), 'Ominous Seed' (2008), and 'Carnival of Death' (2008).
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