Khatereh Hatami
خاطره حاتمی

Khatereh Hatami (خاطره حاتمی)
  • Actor
Hatami, Khatereh (born 1983, Tehran) Hatami made her cinematic debut in 2002 by playing in the movie ‘Navel’, directed by Mohammad Shiravani. She has performed in the movies ‘Dawn’ (2007), ‘Quarantine’ (2007), ‘Girls’ (2009), ‘Through the City’ (2010) and ‘A World Filled with Hope’ (2012). Hatami has also appeared in the television series ‘Dirty Money’ (2003), ‘Only Because of You’ (2003), ‘The Safe’ (2009), ‘The Long Path’ (2012) and ‘Long Sle ...ep’ (2013).