Negin Sedq-Gooya
نگین صدق‌گویا

Negin Sedq-Gooya (نگین صدق‌گویا)
  • Actor
Born February 27, 1971
Sedq-Gouya, Negin (born February 27, 1971, Tehran) Negin Sedq-Gouya graduated from Al-Zahra University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. She started her cinematic career in 1992 and her debut was the movie ‘Tick Tock’ directed by Mohammad Ali Talebi. Seqd-Gouya has acted in several movies, including ‘Restless’ (1994), ‘The Poor Lover’ (1995), ‘The Pilot’ (1997), ‘The Fifth Reaction’ (2002), ‘The Choice’ (2004), ‘Abraham, Friend of Allah’ (2005), ‘The Disti ...nguished Suitor’ (2006), ‘A Time for Love’ (2007), ‘Prison Bride’ (2007), ‘Mana’ (2008), and ‘Everything's Fine’ (2009). She has also appeared in series such as ‘Where to in Such a Hurry?’ (2009), ‘The Edge of Fire’ (2011), and ‘Zero Hour’ (2015). Her sister Shirin Bina is also an actress.