Capital (All Seasons) - S3:E11

2014 |49 min | Comedy , Family
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Arastou 'falls in love' with a young girl by the name of Miss Tehrani. He wants to hold his wedding at Naghi's home but the home is still under construction. Naghi lets him hold the wedding there anyway, and ignores his worker Mousa's request to build a ... pillar underneath the house to prevent it collapsing. On the night of the wedding, disaster strikes and the house collapses during the celebrations. Many people are injured and this ends Arastou's short lived marriage. These series of events result in Naghi losing his job and falling into depression. Naghi and Musa are forced to live in the home of his sister, Fahimeh. To give him a boost, Naghi decides to enter a national tournament in wrestling, his greatest passion. He loses badly to an elderly man by the name of Sohanpaz, causing his depression to become worse and becomes the laughingstock of Mazandaran. During Naghi's cycle of depression, his cousin Arastou reveals to the family that he is engaged to a Chinese woman by the name of Cho Chung, or Raheleh after she converted to Islam. This centers the story around her, and how she travels all the way to Tehran in order to surprise Arastou, causing many troubles along the way. Although they have an argument after Arastou failed to tell her about his previous marriage, they are madly in love and plan to hold their wedding in Turkey. It is revealed that due to Sohanpaz becoming injured, Naghi is now the new contender for the international wrestling championship, to be held in Tehran in a matter of days. He rushes to the stadium to train and finds out he has to lose around 7 kilograms in order to compete in his weight class. Naghi shows determination that had not been seen from him in months. He loses the weight thanks to a very strict diet from his coach and qualifies for the tournament. Thanks to help of his family and friends, Naghi wins the championship finals, beating the United States, Russia, and China for 1st place.
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