Capital (All Seasons) - S6

2020 | Comedy , Family
Several months have passed. Panjali has recently died due to dyspnea during a meal, and all of his organs are donated. Naghi retires wrestling from FILA and becomes a private driver of Mr. Maleki - the city's parliamentary representative. Homa has been ... accepted as an anchorwoman on IRIB Mazandaran. Behtash is the 4th goalkeeper of Nassaji FC. He has wore a rugby hat, similar to Peter Cech, due to a similar injury. Behboud returns from Somalia with Alien Hand Syndorme. Arastoo has been released after a nearly 1-year imprisonment, he starts working for a dealer after he would threat Arastoo he would tell the police if he does not follow his order. Behtash receives an offer from Panathinaikos F. C for a large sum of money, Although he does not tell anyone. After a year of the Covid-19 Pandemic, major drama is brought upon the family, Homa father passes from Coronavirus from Naghi which could lead to imprisonment for him. Rahmat is married with Triplets, Arastoo is under house-arrest, and Behdasht is injured making him take time off sports, this leads to lots of financial issues for the family.
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