Capital (All Seasons) - S1

2011 | Comedy , Family
A family from the town of Aliabad in Mazandaran are planning to move to Tehran, the capital of Iran. After arriving, they find the previous owner of the home laying dead in his bed. Legal issues caused from his death prevent the family from settling into ... their home, forcing Naghi Mamouli and his family to live in his cousin Arastou's truck. During the time the Mamouli family live in the truck, they find themselves in strange and confusing events. Shortly after settling into their new home in Tehran they find out that their house will be demolished to make a new road. The family decide that Tehran is not for them and decide to move back to the Aliabad village
Episode 1
48 min
Episode 2
45 min
Episode 3
47 min
Episode 4
52 min
Episode 5
Episode 6
43 min
Episode 7
44 min
Episode 8
36 min
Episode 9
49 min
Episode 10
53 min
Episode 11
53 min
Episode 12
45 min
Episode 13
50 min
Episode 14
44 min
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51 min
Behind the scene
31 min