Shapour Yasemi
شاپور یاسمی

Shapour Yasemi (شاپور یاسمی)
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Writer
Shapour Yasemi has been a Producer in some movies:
Gray Hawk is about that "Shahin", who is fed up with the tyranny of the Caliph's actions towards his fellow countrymen, is assigned by Taher Zwaliminin, who is a supporter of Ma'mun, to go to Baghdad and fight against the Caliph there with the help of the Iranians. At the same time, Shahin was informed that the Caliph's agents had set fire to one of the villages in Iran where his cousin and fiance Shahrazad and his brother Behzad were staying and had taken them captive to the Caliph's court. Shahin went to Baghdad and freed them after a struggle. In this film Shapour Yasemi collaborates with Jamshid Mehrdad, ... Enayatollah Famin, Mohammad Reza Zandi, Hossein Amirfazli, Esmaeel Koushan, Koorosh Kooshan, Akbar Okhovat, Abdollah Baghayee, Delbar, Monire Taslimi, Gorji Obadia, Hossein Daneshvar, Ali Asghar Shamim, Karim Fakoor
Shapour Yasemi has been a Writer in some movies:
Son of the Sea is about that After waiting for a long time, the Sultan has a son, but when he is going to introduce his crown prince, he is killed by the conspiracy of his minister. Before the minister succeeds in killing the Sultan's child, the Sultan's wife leaves her son in a basket in the river. Sultan's son falls into the hands of a fisherman and after several years he gets a chance to avenge his father. In this film Shapour Yasemi collaborates with Mansour Vala Magham, Ali Zandi, Mahmoud Kushan, Soosan, Esmaeel Koushan, Javad Taghadosi, Iraj Khaje Nasiri, Parvin
Mother is about that Robabeh who wants to help her father in breadwinning for their crowded family begins to work as a babysitter in a wealthy family. But she is deceived by a guy Parviz and becomes pregnant. She leaves them and with the help of an old man Taghi begins to work in a lounge as a singer. But Parviz finds her again and in a quarrel gets killed. Robabeh goes to jail and a family takes care of her daughter Mahoosh. After 15 years Robabeh gets released while her daughter is about to get married. Robabeh goes away so her daughter not to be offended by her but the daughter comes after her and gets her back. In this film Shapour Yasemi collaborates with Jamshid Mehrdad, Fereydoun Ghovanloo, Habibollah Morad, Enayatollah Famin, Ali Kasmaie, Mahmoud Kushan, Esmaeel Koushan, Abdollah Baghayee, Mehdi Khaledi, Ali Asghar Berengi, Delkash, Alexander Bijanian, Mehdi Shaban, Masoud Sherafat, Ghamarolmolook Vaziri
Shapour Yasemi has been a Director in some movies:
Ghezel Arsalan is about that "Qezel Arslan" (son of Amir Arslan) one day sees a picture of "Mah Laqa" the daughter of "king Papas" and falls in love with her, and in search of her he reaches a city and there he finds out that Papas Shah is his father's enemy and when He is bewitched by "Minister Sohail" and gets caught by the son of Fouladzare Devil. "Amirarslan" learned about the incident and went to help his son. But he faced many problems and with the help of the flying horse and the magic carpet, he managed to defeat the enemies and save his son along with Meh Lagha. In this film Shapour Yasemi collaborates with Iloush Khoshabeh, Mahmoud Kushan, Hossein Mohseni, Esmaeel Koushan, Abbas Mosadegh, Shahnaz
Accusation is about that The son is a medical student and the daughter is a law student. These two met and fell in love and decided to get married. But the girl is forced to marry a rich man. A few years later, the girl's husband was injured in an accident and he was taken to a hospital where the boy is a doctor. Here two old lovers meet again. Later, the girl's husband is killed and the boy is accused of murder and is wanted because of his relationship with the girl. But it soon turns out that the husband has a mistress and the murderer is the same mistress. In this movie, Jaleh Alou plays the role of a woman who punished her ex-husband's betrayal and after a story arc, finally introduces herself to the police. In the scene where he says goodbye to his little daughter and goes to prison and punishment, he sings the song "Kiss Me". In this film Shapour Yasemi collaborates with Naser Malek Motiee‌, Reza Rakhshani, Ali Kasmaie, Mahmoud Kushan, Hossein Amirfazli, Shahin, Dariush Koushan, Esmaeel Koushan, Zhale, Abdollah Baghayee
The Thief of Love is about that Majid, who has knowledge in the field of music, when he misses unemployment, joins the family of "Ayan al-Mulk" as a music teacher, and this is the time when they are waiting for a groom who is actually nothing more than a fraud and intends to marry He grabbed the family's wealth with the girl. But the mistake that occurs with the arrival of Majid causes funny incidents and finally the truth is revealed. In this film Shapour Yasemi collaborates with Shahla Riahi, Enayatollah Famin, Abbas Mehrpuya, Ali Kasmaie, Majid Mohseni, Hossein Mohseni, Esmaeel Koushan, Parkhideh, Zari Vadadian, Ali Asghar Berengi, Hooshang Etezadi, Alexander Bijanian, Akbar Jaghe, Mehrangiz Vahdat, Ali Kiyaee, Ghasem Jebeli
Twins is about that Year 1313. A man whose occupation is Haircut is suffering from his expensiveness and unfortunate situation. He has eleven children and his wife is pregnant with twins. A man who believes that the number thirteen is ominous leaves one of the twins in the car of a young couple, unaware that the thirteenth child is left with him. A young man and woman adopt the child and take it to Abadan... In this film Shapour Yasemi collaborates with Mohammad Ali Fardin, Valiollah Khakdan, Naser Malek Motiee‌, Habibollah Morad, Mansour Tehrani, Mahmoud Kushan, Samieh Lak, Taghi Zohuri, Mehr Banoo Salami, Shahin, Esmaeel Koushan, Elahe, Tahmineh, Mehdi Soheili, Ghasem Nikkhah
Other films are:
Amir Arsalane Namdar, Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar
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