Iraj Khaje Nasiri
ایرج خواجه نصیری

Iraj Khaje Nasiri (ایرج خواجه نصیری)
  • Editor
  • Cinematographer
Iraj Khaje Nasiri (ایرج خواجه نصیری) Bio & Filmography | IMVBox has been an Editor in the following movies: Men and Roads (1963), Aras Khan (1963), Beautiful Devil (1963), The Merchants of Death (1962), The Velvet Hat (1962) and more. A Cinematographer in the following movies: What Is My Fault? (1964), Love Trap (1961), The Laughing Widows (1961), Arshin Malalan (1960), Son of the Sea (1959) and more.
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