Mohammad Abdi
محمد عبدی

Abdi (عبدی)

Mohammad Abdi (محمد عبدی)
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Actor
  • Writer
Mohammad Abdi has been a Actor in some movies:
Inverted Life is about that A young man from Tehran, having lost gambling, decides to commit suicide while traveling to Isfahan. A man from Isfahan saves him. Both of them are determined to provide themselves with a dignified life and work, and they do the same. A young man meets a girl and marries her, but soon he gets caught up in gambling and gamblers. This time, the Isfahani man comes to his aid and his family and helps him to return to a normal life. In this film Mohammad Abdi collaborates with Reza Karimi, ... Rubik Mansouri, Iraj Safdari, Zabihollah Zabih-Poor, Ali Miri, Shokrollah Rafii, Fariba Foroohar, Nematollah Rafii, Hossein Badihi, Karim Ghajar, Roshanak Sadr, Kamyab Kasravi, Nosratollah Vahdat, Parastoo, Mina Kahnamooyi, Mehdi Gholi Safapoor, Shila
Yusuf and Zuleikha is about that Yaqub's great interest in Yusuf and his brothers' jealousy leads to the story of Yusuf's enslavement and his entry into Pharaoh's court, Zulikha's love for him, and other stories. In this film Mohammad Abdi collaborates with Ali Zandi, Mahmoud Kushan, Taghi Zohuri, Dariush Talayi, Mehr Banoo Salami, Amir Fakhereddin Shirazi, Esmaeel Koushan, Mehdi Rais Firouz, Mohammadreza Rafiei, Reza Sheibani, Fereydoon Nariman, Parvin Kheirbakhsh, Cüneyt Arkin, Tatai
Repentance is about that Mashallah and Asghar, who are truck drivers, meet Zari Khanum as the new tenant of Mashallah's mother's house. Mashallah, he falls in love with Zari and promises to marry her... In this film Mohammad Abdi collaborates with Bahman Mofid, Iraj Ghaderi, Siamak Atlasi, Mehri Vadadian, Asghar Bichareh, Reza Banki, MohammadTaghi Kahnamooei, Hossein Shahab, Zari Khoshkam, Farangis Forouhar, Hassan Mosayebi, Hossein Vaseghi, Giti Forouhar, Faramarz Rasooli, Reza Norasteh Far, Reza Hajian, Karmen, Iran Ghaderi, Mahmood Zaribaf, Ahdieh Badiee, Esmaeel Poursaeed, GholamReza Mojaveri, Faramarz Mahmoodi
Happy Birthday is about that Nasir is a man who loses his ID and realizes someone has died stealing his identity. He struggles to prove his identity in order to inherit the money from his uncle and get married, but there are some obstacles ahead. In this film Mohammad Abdi collaborates with Hamideh Kheirabadi, Reza Karam Rezaie, Mahmoud Bahrami, Ali Zahedi, Reza Rakhshani, Majid Shahbaz, Mahmoud Kushan, Zhale Karimi, Anooshiravan Roohani, Majid Mehrjoo, Ahmad Najibzadeh, Vajesta -, Esmaeel Koushan, Nosratollah Vahdat, Homayoun Khoram, Tootia, Mehdi Gholi Safapoor, Aman Manteghi, Zari Poorzand
Song of Life is about that A wealthy man finds out after marrying his wife that he will not have children. At the woman's suggestion, he introduces the servant's child as his offspring, but a few years later, the woman has a child, and from then on, she starts misbehaving with the servant's child. In this film Mohammad Abdi collaborates with Mir Mohammad Tajaddod, Azizollah Kordvani, Hossein Ghasemi-Vand, Iran Ghaderi, Azar Hekmat Shoar, Ahmad Najibzadeh, Tahereh Ghafari, Mehdi Rais Firouz, Amin Amini, Mohammadreza Rafiei, Nosratollah Vahdat
Diorama is about that Four cousins ​​and their cousins ​​are planning to get married, and their uncle admits that due to his grudge against his strict brother, he changed the place of one of the girls with his brother's son, and in fact, the bride and groom are siblings. In this way, the places of the bride and the grooms are exchanged so that this marriage takes place In this film Mohammad Abdi collaborates with Mary Alvandi, Hassan Raziani, Simin Alizade, Parviz Osanloo, Hossein Eshragh, Adileh Eshragh
Sun City is about that Ahmed is a young man from the village whom Talaiye Khanum has given him a place. Ahmed meets Sheila by chance. Sheila introduces herself as a maid and asks Ahmed to paint a picture of her face... In this film Mohammad Abdi collaborates with Hamideh Kheirabadi, Kamran Bakhtar, Jamshid Alvandi, Hossein Shahab, Mohammad Taghi Shokrayi, Hassan Mosayebi, Hossein Amirfazli, Hadi Moghaddam, Hamlet Minasian, Mehr Banoo Salami, Hassan Hosseini, Shahin Khalili, Naser Koorechian, Mohammad Zarindast, Anooshavan Harootionian, Manoochehr Zhian, Manoochehr Jamalipoor
Other films are:
Temple Nights, A Star Flashed, Hero in the Atomic Age, Nobare Esfahan, The Generation of the Braves, The Story of a Thief, The House of Devils, Maid, Kako, Nigger, This Population is Controllable, Hossein Kord Shabestari, Seven Girls for Seven Boys, Lost Flower, Pagan Sunset, Sorrows and Joys, Whirlpool of Sin, The Millionaire Begger, Conqueror of Hearts, Farman Khan, Confession, Revenge of the Soul, I Love You, Empathetic Friends, Two Brides For Three Brothers, The Mother's Kiss, The Brave Bahram, Firebrand of the City, Antar & Mantar, Morvarid
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