Mehdi Khaledi
مهدی خالدی

Mehdi Khaledi (مهدی خالدی)
  • Producer
  • Music
Mehdi Khaledi has been a Music in some movies:
Morad is about that Murad and "Nargis" love each other. Narges is the attention of "Kamran" Malik Deh. Due to the conspiracy of Kodkhoda, Murad is seriously injured and everyone thinks that he is dead. Meanwhile, Kamran is married to Nargis and takes her to the city. Kamran's work leads to gambling and night vigil. Narges' father kills his son-in-law Kamran. Desperate, Narges throws herself off a mountain and dies. When Murad finds out about the incident, he also kills himself In this film Mehdi Khaledi collaborates with Ali Mahzoun, ... Ezzatolah Vosoogh, Shahrokh Rafi, Hayedeh, Akbar Khajavi, Sardar Saker, Giti Hemmat Azad, Iraj Doostdar, Zari Vadadian, Siamak Helmi, Booris Matiov, sanasar khachatorian
The Incident of Life is about that Sanayee Divan has a daughter named "Li Li" and a nephew named "Zari". In this film Mehdi Khaledi collaborates with Morteza Ahmadi, Ali Mahzoun, Ali Zahedi, Shahin, Akbar Khajavi, Zhale, Booris Matiov, George Lichenski, Nosratollah Mohtasham, sanasar khachatorian, Farah Panahi
Mother is about that Robabeh who wants to help her father in breadwinning for their crowded family begins to work as a babysitter in a wealthy family. But she is deceived by a guy Parviz and becomes pregnant. She leaves them and with the help of an old man Taghi begins to work in a lounge as a singer. But Parviz finds her again and in a quarrel gets killed. Robabeh goes to jail and a family takes care of her daughter Mahoosh. After 15 years Robabeh gets released while her daughter is about to get married. Robabeh goes away so her daughter not to be offended by her but the daughter comes after her and gets her back. In this film Mehdi Khaledi collaborates with Jamshid Mehrdad, Fereydoun Ghovanloo, Habibollah Morad, Enayatollah Famin, Ali Kasmaie, Mahmoud Kushan, Esmaeel Koushan, Abdollah Baghayee, Ali Asghar Berengi, Delkash, Alexander Bijanian, Shapour Yasemi, Mehdi Shaban, Masoud Sherafat, Ghamarolmolook Vaziri
A Girl from Shiraz is about that When Ayeshe loses her only child to hunger and poverty, she decides to avenge her ex-husband who she holds responsible for all her troubles. In this film Mehdi Khaledi collaborates with Samuel Khachikian, Sirus Jarahzade, Shahin, Teymour Kanani, Arman, Mansour Sepehrnia, Parkhideh, Vahak Vartanian, Mahin Moavenzade, Iraj Doostdar, Booris Matiov, sanasar khachatorian, Farah Panahi, Mehri Aghili, Feryal Mir Motahhari
The Enchantress is about that After the death of her rich husband, Shoukat tries to trap his young and insignificant secretary named Nasser. In the end, Naser was not deceived by the temptations of his master's wife and did not forget his love for Forough, the daughter of Shaukat's husband. Shaukat's servant, who is interested in her, kills her because he doesn't see attention from her, and Naser is caught on the charge of this murder. During an incident, the truth is revealed and the servant confesses to the murder. In this film Mehdi Khaledi collaborates with Zhaleh Olov, Naser Malek Motiee‌, Ezzatolah Vosoogh, Enayatollah Famin, Ghodratollah Ehsani, Mahmoud Kushan, Esmaeel Koushan, Siamak Yasemi, Akbar Okhovat, Abdollah Baghayee, Ali Asghar Berengi, Hooshang Etezadi, Azade, Ezzat Hasan Ali, Delkash, Hassan Kheradmand, Mehdi Shaban, Eskandar Minaee
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