Sasan (ساسان)
  • Actor
Sasan has been a Actor in some movies:
The Little Warriors is about that When "Rome" is a tributary of the court of Iran, the Romans try to capture one of the unguarded cities of Iran in the opportunity they get; But the youth of the city, with the help of several elders, thwart the plan of the Roman attack, and defeat them. In this film Sasan collaborates with Jamshid Mehrdad, ... Manouchehr Hamedi, Iloush Khoshabeh, Gholamhossein Bahmanyar, Reza Rakhshani, Hassan Mahd Yadegar, Habibollah Boloor, Hossein Mohseni, Vajesta -, Esmaeel Koushan, Minoo, Arash, Ardavan Mofid, Christian Paterson, Kamran Banki
The Millionaire Begger is about that Farhad, Ahmad, and Qasim have been dating since childhood to meet each other twenty years later. They tattoo the three meeting dates on their hands: 2nd of May 1352. In this film Sasan collaborates with Reza Beyk Imanverdi, Mohammad Vali Ahmadloo, Hassan Rezaei, Naser Gitijah, Ali Zahedi, Shahnaz Tehrani, Reza Rakhshani, Mahmoud Kushan, Farrokh Sajedi, Hossein Ghasemi-Vand, Hassan Mahd Yadegar, Anooshiravan Roohani, Hossein Mohseni, Majid Mehrjoo, Mohammad Abdi, Parviz Taeidi, Esmaeel Koushan, Christian Paterson, Homayoon Ashkan
Breadwinner is about that Reza is a poor musician who is wandering the streets. One night he finds a baby and with all the difficulties he decides to brings him up. But when the boy's real father becomes aware that his child is alive he decides to take him back. In this film Sasan collaborates with Reza Beyk Imanverdi, Jamshid Mehrdad, Rubik Mansouri, Ghodratollah Ehsani, Kamal Seyed Mohssen, Ali Akbar Mahdavifar, Hossein Mohseni, Majid Mehrjoo, Ahdieh Badiee, Esmaeel Koushan, Sepideh, Akbar Alami, Fereydoon Nariman, Afsoon, Aref ArefKia, Aman Manteghi, Soheila Nasr
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