Mohammadreza Najafi
محمدرضا نجفی

Mohammadreza Najafi (محمدرضا نجفی)
  • Director
  • Actor
Mohammadreza Najafi is a director known for the short 'Toghrol Tower' (Borje Toghrol) (2000). Mohammadreza Najafi has been a Actor in some movies:
Modest Reception is about that It is clear from this film's explosive opening sequence that there is more to Leila and Kaveh than meets the eye. Armed with sacks of banknotes, the pair are on a mission to donate millions to the needy of rural Iran - whether the targets of their philanthropy want the money or not. The couple's ambiguous relationship shrouds them in mystery, and as we follow them on their quest, it becomes clear that Kaveh's increasingly sadistic nature threatens to overwhelm their good deeds. There are subtle nods to Tarantino’s dark humor in this gripping drama, which questions the very nature of charity itself. In this film Mohammadreza Najafi collaborates with Saber Abar, ... Taraneh Alidoosti, Mani Haghighi, Saeed Changizian, Esmaeel Khalaj, Nader Fallah, Ghorban Najafi, Negar Nemati, Amir Hossein Ghodsi, Hayedeh Safiyari, Houman Behmanesh, Mehrdad Mirkiani, Vahid Moghadasi, Jalal Shamsian, Mehdi Tavakolli Zaniani, Amir Reza Kouhestani, Naghi Seif Jamali, Mohammad Aghebati, Danial Fathi, Himan Dehgani, Vahid Aghapoor‌, Abbas Kowsari
So Far So Close is about that 'So Far, so Close' is an enthralling film that negotiates life, death and parental love. The story focuses on Dr Alam, who tragically finds out that his seventeen-year-old son is suffering from an inoperable condition. The once estranged father travels to the countryside to locate his son, who is on a field trip. Dr Alam's journey is nothing less than life-changing, with allegorical moments that serve as metaphors for his own metamorphosis. Beautifully shot, 'So Far, So Close' captures the efforts of father and son to reunite in order to save each other. In this film Mohammadreza Najafi collaborates with Elham Hamidi, Ashkan Khatibi, Masoud Rayegan, Kianoosh Gerami, Afshin Hashemi, Reza Mirkarimi, Reza Tavakoli, Bahman Ardalan, Mohammad Reza Aligholi, Mohammad Reza Gohari, Bahram Dehghan, Hamid Khozooei Abyaneh, Mohammad Reza Ghomi, Yalda Ghashghaie, Amir Esbati, Bahram Ardalan, Majid Sabagh Behrouz
Mohammadreza Najafi has been a Director in some movies:
Toghrol Tower is about that A cantankerous old man is determined to find the Toghrol tower, but no-one he asks seems to be aware of its existence. He enters a cab, and asks the driver to take him there, however the driver also seems clueless as to its whereabouts. The driver leads him to buildings that clearly do not resemble the historical monument, infuriating the old man. However, the driver also becomes set on finding the tower and the next day they set out again, but will they ever be able to find this fabled destination? This humorous drama plays out in a light-hearted fashion and the last scene is uplifting and rewarding for the characters and audience alike. In this film Mohammadreza Najafi collaborates with Mohammad Mokhtari, Mohammad Afarideh, Reza Sobhani, Jahan Azari, Mehdi Ahmad Panah, Ardeshir Kazemi, Ali Keymanesh
Mohammadreza Najafi has been a Set Designer in some movies:
The Secret of the Night Scented Stock is about that Among his father’s furniture, Elahe finds a picture. The picture is signed by a person named Parivash. Led by her curiosity, Elahe looks for the person to whom the picture belongs. Her step-mother, Narges, who is being hospitalized, has no idea about the picture. After her inquiries, Elahe finds out the truth; Parivash is her own mother. Also she becomes aware of the fact that her father was distraught over the death of his wife, until he has met a woman, named Narges who looked like Parivash. Narges has never been able to substitute for Parivash; thereafter, the initial kind affections between them fade and they treat each other with a cold indifference. The lack of attention and affection between the couple, soon makes Narges very sick so that she is hospitalized. Being touched by finding these realities, Elahe appreciates her step-mother, Narges, for taking care of and bringing her up, and she makes her father to appreciate Narges as well. In this film Mohammadreza Najafi collaborates with Azita Hajian, Bijan Emkanian, Mahaya Petrossian, Mahvash Vaghari, Davoud Yousefian, Abdollah Eskandari, Rasoul Ahadi, Amir Hossein Ghasemii, Kambiz Roshanravan, Nikoo Kheradmand, jalal Maghami, Shapoor Bakhshayi, Ali Barjasteh, Mahmoud Hasani, Saeed Khorshidian, Katayoon Sayyaf, Babak Barjasteh, Afsaneh Araghian, Arian Khorshidian, Nikki Moein
Zero Heights is about that A young writer's conflict with the characters of his stories leads to his injury. However, this injury appears real to him while the people around him doubt his mental health. As he has studied fine arts and has overcome a lot of adversities, he sees a lot of similarities between himself and Van Gogh... In this film Mohammadreza Najafi collaborates with Behzad Farahani, Esmaeel Khalaj, Faramarz Sedighi, Jalal Moghadam, Hossein Ali Layalestani, Morteza Ahmadi, Mohammad Reza Delpak, Touraj Mansouri, Naser Cheshmazar, Parviz Pour Hosseini, Shahrokh Ghiasi, Mohammad Mirzapoor, Malek Jahan Khazaee, Aghdas Sehat Bakhsh, Sahereh Matin, Mehran Rouhani, Homayoon Amirpanahi, Ghasem Gholipoor
Dressage is about that Story of a sixteen years old girl whose dealing with a dilemma. In this film Mohammadreza Najafi collaborates with Shabnam Moghadami, Ali Mosaffa, Hooshang Tavakoli, Jalal Fatemi, Bahman Ardalan, Ashkan Ashkani, Sepideh Abdolvahab, Hamed Rajabi, Vahid Moghadasi, Naeim Bakhtiary, Mehdi Salehi Kermani, Siamak Adib, Sara Samiei, Keyvan Moghaddam, Mohsen Aftabsavar, Yasna Mirtahmasb, Mahmoud Dehghani, Behafarid Ghafarian, Samira Baradari, Rouhollah Baradari, Alireza Sanifar, Pouya Badkoubeh, Ali Salahi, Negar Moghadam, Baset Rezaei, Shayan Fasihzadeh, Rambod Motalebi, Shahab Paranj, Lotfollah Seifi, Omid Salehi, Bahman Bani Ardalan
The Fateful Day is about that As Abdollah prepares to get married to his long-time love, he hears calls for help during his wedding and leaves the ceremony for an adventure to find the truth. In this film Mohammadreza Najafi collaborates with Ezzatolah Entezami, Hamideh Kheirabadi, Hossein Panahi, Jamshid Mashayekhi, Ladan Mostofi, Mehdi Fathi, Zhaleh Olov, Siamak Atlasi, Enayat Bakhshi, Kamran Foyoozat, Abbas Amiri, Parviz Shahinkhou, Bahram Beyzai, Fakhreddin Seddigh Sharif, Saeed Nikpour, Morteza Shayesteh, Asghar Rafiejam, Abdollah Eskandari, Majid Entezami, Enayatollah Shafiei, Mehdi Rajaian, Mohammad Ali Keshavarz, Soroush Khalili, Maziar Partow, Shahram Asadi, Hamid Abdolmaleki, Mahmood Mashroote, Majid Mirfakhraei, Mansour Vala Magham, Alireza Shoja Noori
Other films are:
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