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Reza Karam Rezaie


Reza Karam Rezaie

Actor | Writer

Born: October 7th 1937 in Sanghar Abad

Karam-Rezaei, Reza (born October 7, 1937 Sonqor Abad - died April 3, 2010) Reza Karam-Rezaei made his debut in 1954 in the Barbod Society and National Theater. Karam-Rezaei studied at the Theater, Cinema and Television institute before going to Munich, Germany to continue his studies. He eventually earned a PhD degree. He appeared in many films and series including 'Sarbedaran' (1984), 'Imam Ali(PBUH)' (1991), 'Song of Tehran' (1991), 'My Land and the Masked Men' (1993), 'I Want to Stay Alive' (1994), 'The Store' (1996), 'The Visitor of Rey' (2000), 'Family Restaurant' (2001), 'Lost Innocence' (2002), 'Season Salad' (2004), 'Crazy for L Read More.. eili' (2007). Karam-Rezaei passed away in 2010 at the age of 73.


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Reza Karam Rezaie


Reza Karam Rezaie

Actor | Writer

Actor (32 credits)
Sarbedaran Season Salad - Salade Fasl - سالاد فصل2005Watch Now
Sarbedaran The Passenger of Ray - Mosafere Rey - مسافر ری2000Watch Now
Sarbedaran Season Five - Fasle Panjom - فصل پنجم1997
Sarbedaran Mr. Luck - Aghaye Shans - آقای شانس1996
Sarbedaran Utterly Cold Blooded - Dar Kamale Khoonsardi - در‌کمال خونسردی1995
Sarbedaran I Want to Stay Alive - Mikhaham Zendeh Bemanam - می‌خواهم زنده بمانم1994
Sarbedaran Sting - Nish - نیش1994Watch Now
Sarbedaran Sohrab to Sohrab - Sohrab Ta Sohrab - سهراب تا سهراب1993
Sarbedaran The Secret Relationship - Rabeteye Penhani - رابطه‌ی پنهانی1993
Sarbedaran Ilia, The Young Painter - Ilia, Naghashe Javan - ایلیا نقاش جوان1992
Sarbedaran Narges - Narges - نرگس1992Watch Now
Sarbedaran The Song of Tehran - Avaze Tehran - آواز تهران1991Watch Now
Sarbedaran Outcast - Randeh Shodeh - رانده شده1989
Sarbedaran The Convicts - Mahkoomin - محکومین1988
Sarbedaran The Willow Branches - Shakhehaye Bid - شاخه‌های بید1988
Sarbedaran The Great Scuffle - Janjale Bozorg - جنجال بزرگ1985
Sarbedaran The Revolt - Toghyan - طغیان1985
Sarbedaran The Mallet - Zakhmeh - زخمه1983
Sarbedaran Violet Hill - Banafshehzar - بنفشه‌زار1983
Sarbedaran Sentenced To Death - Edami - اعدامی1981
Sarbedaran Man's Fist - Moshte Mard - مشت مرد1980
Sarbedaran Crossing the Night - Oboor az Marze Shab - عبور از مرز شب1979
Sarbedaran Friday - Jomeh - جمعه1977
Sarbedaran Youth Affair - Rabeteye Javani - رابطه جوانی1976
Sarbedaran The Guest - Meehman - میهمان1976
Sarbedaran Nazanin - Nazanin - نازنین1976
Sarbedaran The Kid - Pesarak - پسرک1976
Sarbedaran The Dad with a Mole - Baba Khaldar - بابا خالدار1975
Sarbedaran Beehive - Kandu - کندو1975
Sarbedaran Suitor - Khastegar - خواستگار1972
Sarbedaran Black Hassan - Hassan Siah - حسن سیاه1972
Sarbedaran Sarbedaran - سربدارانWatch Now